My Boss: On the D/L???

So I’m standing in my lobby talking to a model who came in for a casting.
Sexy looking white Wolf/Fox/I dunno… but he was checking me out (as I was the same).
So I’m trying to bag this dude when my boss comes out the bathroom and…

DOES THE 1, 2 CHECK OUT SWIVEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know that swivel anywhere.
I have done the swivel and I’m sure you my readers have done it also.
You see someone cute and you check him out once, twice, and then you turn around to get a back view when you walk past.
Gives me the eye and then asks me where is he going.
… Dude you aren’t even in the same meeting as this model.
Total different department than ours.

STOP COCK BLOCKIN ME SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I’m guessing my boss is on the D/L and although he hasn’t said it, he assumes I know.
Funny enough, this isn’t the first time he did this.
He seems to ask me about random dudes that come into the office and work in various departments.
He even asked about Mandingo Wolf when he was picking up some boxes in the lobby.
Nothing outrageous but very subtle.
Things that when you think about later, you say, “wtf was that about????”

My boss is married with 2 kids.
White subarban type gentleman with a knack of expensive suits and colorful handkerchiefs.
His body isn’t my usual… period.
I wouldn’t fuck him if I met him at a bar.
Maybe if I needed a raise or a higher position I would lay on my back and imagine island trips and shopping sprees.
I never see him checking me out though…
…and if he does, I need to start paying attention because this has now gotten interesting.

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “My Boss: On the D/L???”

  1. Yes…hopefully this leads to sumthin…You give him a lil booty…he gives you a lil dental insurance…Thats one way to beat the recession! Lord knows I’m tired of that 3inch gap in yo front teeth…Yes it’s interesting to hear you whistle as you speak,,,talk about hidden talents,,,but the flying saliva that accompanies all those hard to pronounce words..umm ummm honey…not cute 🙂

  2. 1) don’t sh*t where you eat…evah. Different locations, sure…but not the same place if business.

    2) He’s not checking for you cuz he’s a fox. I tend to find that powerful men (especially yt ones) like to be dominated sexually, so what y’all gonna do? Play w/a dildo? Lol

  3. If Jamari have to give him the pipe I sure he would not hesitate if it means upward mobility in the workplace, the island trips and the shopping sprees.

  4. Maybe he’s just asking about everyone he doesn’t recognize because he’s scared of intruders or something? LOL
    And please don’t do it with him. He will have power and be able to blackmail you and threat you in the future. Just saying 😉

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