Where is Floyd’s Mama?

Can we say short man complex?

A recession-proof Floyd Mayweather Jr. literally has money to burn — and proved it by setting a $100 bill on FIRE inside an Atlanta nightclub this weekend.

Floyd was partying with Lil Kim and Gucci Mane at the Velvet Room during the conflagration Sunday night — and we’re told, there were plenty more bills where that came from … Floyd was rolling with STACKS of hundreds.

We should mention: it’s illegal to burn money … so if the Feds decide to pursue an investigation, Floyd could face up to six months behind bars, and, ironically, a $100 fine.

Fighting inflation, one bill at a time.

I have no words.
But since he has money to burn,
he could start by lighting my fire.
…and by fire,

I mean Valentino, BOSS, and LV.


4 thoughts on “Where is Floyd’s Mama?

  1. Is this suppose to make you look cool or something ?Does he not see how primary his actions are ? Reminds me of the silly teens doing silly things to prove manliness, coolness, among other qualities they’re insecure of. Grow the hell up. You can feed a family in Africa or something for a few months with what he just burned.

  2. well befor he burns the next batch can he please call me. i mean i do have bills to pay

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