Is Romeo Miller Packing The Steel?



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  1. Romeo is so cute… I wouldnt mind wakening up to his lil fine ass… lol… But that dancin with the stars comment was rediculous, he’s a man, what man wants to shake their ass like beyonce? the media makes things way bigger than what it is…

  2. If you caught 21-year-old Romeo Miller’s debut on Dancing With The Stars (DWTS), then you know the rapper/actor/basketball player has a problem with moving his hips… a gay, homophobic problem….

    During rehearsals with Chelsie Hightower, Romeo was so afraid of what people might think of him, he flat out refused to shake what his mama gave him.

    “If I can move my hips better than Rihanna, it’s a problem,” declared the 21-year-old cutie pie. Then, adding insult to injury, Romeo asked Chelsie, “What male on the show is able to do this?”

    Despite his jacked up comments regarding men who shake their booties, Romeo’s performance was decent.

    The judges gave Chelsie and Romeo a score of 19 out of a possible score of 30 points.

    1. I hate when writers take so much literary license with actual facts.
      Nothing about that was homophobic to me. I know gay men who have the same problem when it comes to dancing.

    2. Maybe a couple years have helped him grow; he grew up in that hip-hop culture, so I can’t say I’m surprised at his comments about using his hips. He seems to have outgrown that, plus he doesn’t seem to be trying to hard – unlike Bow Wow

  3. he can be the getaway type boy, the perfect one to spend a weekend with him, in cancun and then marry him there!

  4. “This story is several weeks old, but, in light of recent events, positive pro-gay news from hip hop and rap should always be mentioned. Teen hip hop idol Lil Romeo (MySpace, IMDB) took issue with the recent ridiculous, homophobic rants of has-been rapper Ja Rule and says not only are gays “alright”, but, called Ja Rule “ignorant.”

    “It was ignorant of him to say. Gays are everywhere in the industry and society in general. That’s not changing. So why shouldn’t they get to be on TV and in the movies like everybody else?! He can’t really believe that none of the peeps who bought his records were gay, and I bet that he wouldn’t give any of ‘em a refund.”

    Ouch. Romeo, who was born Percy Miller, Jr., is the son of legendary New Orleans-based rapper and producer Master P. The young singer-actor-basketball phenomenon says sexuality is much less important than character. “It doesn’t matter. I’m cool with everybody who is cool with me. So long as you’re not hurting nobody, I’m not gonna hate on peeps for who they are. I have a few friends who are gay and why not? They alright with me.”

    — Rod 2.0 Beta

  5. Romeo has really grown into his sexiness. He always looks good (especially in boxer briefs) and seems to be well-mannered for the most part. There’s no question about his sexual preference. Hopefully working wwith Tyler Perry will not generate any questions about it. But, if I had the chance, I would suck on those lips, nips, and eat those cakes.

  6. Romeo is the business. He’s turning 23 this summer but don’t look a day over 18

  7. The thing I like about Romeo is that he never ever seems Hollywood to me. He seems extremely humble and grounded.
    I remember growing up, he and Bow Wow were always compared and it’s just funny to see how different they are now.

    1. Yea, I feel you on that. He’s most def. humble, and he was compared to Bow Wow for years. Now the question is who looks better? Romeo or Bow Wow. I would say Romeo.

  8. Great photoshoot Romeo. He’s a very handsome man with a great smile, love this nigga.

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