Tank Shows Off His Dick

Oh yes…

I been WAITING for this…

Take a page from Breezy Wolf…
if you are going to give us a sneak peak,
i prefer mine to be UN-wrapped.

…and damn, he is short as hell.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

25 thoughts on “Tank Shows Off His Dick”

  1. Is it just the pics, or does he appear to be aging rather quickly? The pic is nice. He could have learned from Jamie and showed a lil’ more.

  2. I see you Tank, looking good bruh. I remember back when he was skinny, I will never forget the way he looked in the ”Maybe I Deserve” video. Even though he’s a fellow wolf, I still wanna see those cakes.

  3. nice print but im like all yall wheres the meat. hhhuuummm lookng at this pic and back at cams makes me think did mr newton stuff???

  4. He’s 36?! I thought he was older; he still looks good, though. I don’t think he was trying to show off the package…or else there would’ve been some bulge

  5. Yeah that pic is recent becuase the red foams just came out not ot long ago.. I agree I wanna see it unwrapped and he might sell like a CD of 10K with the publicity. #ijs

  6. Those eyes. Those lips. That body. I’d love to come home and see him laying naked on my couch in a pair of Ralph Lauren boxer briefs.

  7. when i saw the title of this post i said to myself: Ive waiting so long to see this… LOL the thirstiness of me… smh…

    1. he does look short. Saw him in a club before and he wasn’t that short. The dude in the pic looks to be about 5-4…. Is it Tanks stunt double? Lol

  8. UrSoVain :
    What standard are you comparing him to? Someone who’s almost half his age?

    No Vain, I’m comparing him to men his age.

      1. I’m not saying he doesn’t look good, he just looks older, that’s all. Shit I’ll fuck the hell out of him.

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