UPDATE: Romeo Miller’s Alleged Dick Picture Leaks For The World

oh romeo,
how big is art thou alleged peen romeo?
below you say…

well that is a rather impressive dick pic.
is he legal?
is it real?
he should say it’s real.
that’s actually a nice piece.

what hoe did him wrong?
she managed to make everyone happy today.
i know i am.

update: fooled again by the powers of hornballs and assholes:
an f-bi sent me the original shot they manipulated.

someone tell the jackals stop playing around in photoshop.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “UPDATE: Romeo Miller’s Alleged Dick Picture Leaks For The World”

  1. something is VERY odd about this pic. that weird lighting in the top left corner. the fact that he has a mustache and goatee…hmmm

      1. ok, you did that J…
        I definitely think that that’s him from the waist up.
        Something looks photoshopy about that area below that belly button…

  2. I thought he wasn’t this sloppy. On some real shit who cares about his dick size anyway? Romeo is a handsome ass man, and not to mention how nice of a dude he is. I would not mind waking up to him. It could be two inches and I wouldn’t care lol.

  3. how I wish he was my husband. I would bang him so hard, his dick is so long…

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