rip john singleton

as the years go on,
folks i grew up with start to leave this forest.
our journeys have to come to an end eventually.
i remember finding “boyz n the hood” in my uncle’s tape collection.
he had all the good black movies.
i was pretty young and he was a little slow to catch on to dvds.
i remember watching this movie,
while he was supposed to be watching me,
and being fascinated by south central la.
this iconic scene is also one that haunted me for weeks:

i was so traumatized,
but good art can do that.
that was when i became a lowkey stan of john singleton

next to spike lee,
he was one of my favs.
the next movie i loved,
that i’m sure i watched 1,000 times,
was “baby boy”.
me and my home-wolves use to watch that shit every day.
i remember one saying he re-enacted that infamous sex scene with his girl.

when i think of movies i liked,
john pretty much was behind most of them.

poetic justice
2 fast 2 furious
4 brothers
higher learning

…and my newest favorite,
snowfall” on fx.

it was so sad to say “rip” to john singleton today.
he definitely was one of the black directing pioneers of the 90s.
his work will continue to live on as classics for many generations to enjoy.
i feel like everyone should watch “boyz n the hood” at least once.

rest in peace and power john singleton.

lowkey: did not know he directed mj’s “remember the times”.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “rip john singleton”

  1. Gone too soon.

    I read that Peabo Bryson had a heart attack…. he is a little older but still tragedy to see so many black icons fall ill. If you are not familiar with him he sang the pop version of “A Whole New World” with Regina Belle from the 90’s Disney Aladdin.

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