daddy, invite me over to your penthouse for pot roast

i use to want to live in a penthouse in the city.
i know.
the rent to live in manhattan is disrespect at the highest level.
as you know,
i’ve been looking at a ton of crib videos as of late.
a foxholer sent me a video of a gorgeous penthouse in the city.
the price tho…
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Cut (Do That Scene Over Please)

rain-clouds-enjoy-wateri cut my hand open washing a cup earlier.
i must have been washing it too hard or something.
i guess i don’t know my own strength.
see what i did?
all i know is when i saw the blood dripping into the sink,
i just stood there and shook my head.
“what else?”
was i that mad that i broke a cup with my hands?
my day had been a day…

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Jamari Fox’s Interview With A Vampire

last night i ended up in a white gay bar.

i didn’t plan it.
it kinda sorta just happened….

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