they told me i was fired on my voicemail

so it’s done.
i woke up to a voicemail from my head huntress letting me know.
she was shocked how good i sounded.
i felt relieved after i told her why.
what impressed me was my spirit tho…

i felt unexplainably sad yesterday.
for the life of me,
i couldn’t explain why.
something in the energy felt off.
i came home,
put my phone on dnd,
and just tried to get into a better mood.
during that time,
my head huntress called me a like 9 pm to tell me the news.
their reasoning:

  • i didn’t do things they told me to do
  • i didn’t look like i was into it
  • i took a day off when i shouldn’t have.

i did my duties and their work they often passed off on me.
whenever i spoke to my supervisor,
i would converse and all that.
i was cool with everyone in that office.
many of them reached out because they were upset i was gone.
it’s been like 5 different administrative assistants in 3 years.
i asked two weeks ago if i could take easter monday off.
she said it was cool.
i loved how she switched up and claimed i did it the day of.
it’s whatever tho.

when a job fires someone,
who was off because they were mourning the death of their father,
it isn’t for me.

when a job gives me their work to do,
like secretly keep track of employees to fire them,
it isn’t for me.

when a job fires someone who was on medical leave,
because they complained of their vile supervising she-jackal,
all because she was passing all her work off to her…
not a place for me.

i can go on about those two unprofessional,
lowkey sociopathic,

lazy she-jackals in the supervising department…

…but i won’t.
i will wish them well tho.
karma will do the same.

lowkey: that job goes down as the top 3 worst gigs ive ever had.

Author: jamari fox

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19 thoughts on “they told me i was fired on my voicemail”

  1. *sigh* Damn bruh, sorry to hear this, I most def empathize… but I’m glad you’re in good spirits though.

  2. I’m sorry to hear this too, Jamari Fox. I hope something good that’s what you want to be doing comes through very soon. And may karma tear those two henchvixens new ones!

  3. I hope you are actively looking on, and temp agencies hire fast . And not to be funny but when I’m on patrol I see many people picking up scooters at nite time re charging them. Uber and lyft will pay you $20 to recharge each scooter. Do you have a degree?

  4. Maybe it’s a sign that you need to expand your brand. As this site has huge potential. The universe is no longer speaking to you but shouting at you and now forcing you towards your destiny.

    1. ^and that’s what i’ve been working on.
      it’s hard when the site is adult,
      but not adult.
      i have been turned down from most things due to it being the way it is and the topics we discuss.
      if i can find something that caters to that,
      i’d be on the right path.

      if anyone has any suggestions on brands that the foxhole can cater to,
      please let me know!

  5. It seems like these days, getting those temp jobs are not worth it any more. You need to fly your ass to California, or Sanfrancisco and see what your options are.

  6. Welp, this can only mean one thing.

    It’s time for Jamari to finally launch his OnlyFans page. Yup, start teasing dem cakes. I got my $9.99 right hurr… 🙂

    Naw but seriously, I’m sorry for this latest round of turmoil J.
    And I appreciate you sharing these things with us. I’m sending you
    all the good vibes my frequency can channel. The universe is listening.

    1. ^lmao
      i’m not ready to hop in the “onlyfans” bag yet,
      but if i do,
      i’ll let ya know.

      thank you so much for the kind words.
      only up from here!

  7. This may be a blessing in disguise I think the stress from this job may have been affecting your health.

  8. Know that this too shall pass and I pray that this is only a set up to launch you further into your goals. You got this.

  9. I always miss posts cause I rarely scroll too far down but I saw this and easy like hmm.

    You’ll probably tell me to shut up when I say this, while I think it’s good you share things with the Foxhole, some things I would keep to myself. I can’t help but get the feeling that your enemies on here are chiming in & rejoicing in all their lurking ways…not that it really matters I guess…but some things are better left unsaid. Anyways, I think it’s great you have a positive mindset about this…

    There’s more I could say but I’ll call it a night for now.

  10. J, I am so over these jobs and these funky ass people who suppose to be your managers, because all they manage to do is Fukk up your life and cause you an early death. I literally hate my job and feel so beat down, I try to remain positive because it pays the bills. I took a small step today by applying for some new jobs and researching community colleges for an easy certification program. I realize that I cant continue to just complain and not take any actions for a better tomorrow because time waits for no one and you will look up and still be in the same situation years later even more miserable and depressed. This job has cause my health to steadily decline, I have decided not to stick around and let it put me in the grave, I am making it my business to escape from this prison by the end of the summer. As always good luck in finding an opportunity that will benefit not only your finances but your spirit as well.

    1. Tajan, everything you wrote was spot on, and you gave me some motivation this morning. Also I hope your health improves really soon. Jamari screw those people, you’re better than them anyway. I know this might be crazy for me to write this Jamari, but have you thought about selling your furniture and other items and getting on a bus and moving down south? Living outside of DC, Charlotte, even outside of Atlanta. I don’t know if you have friends that live in any of those areas, but I feel you’re so talented and a lot of companies would love you down south with your work experience. I understand New York is the city to make things happen at, but I feel those other cities great things can happen too. I just feel it’s time to leave New York.

  11. Sorry to hear this Jamari, but I’m sure you will bounce back. You’re in NYC so look into jobs in banking and insurance.

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