it’s 10:30pm, do you know where jamari fox is?

…just getting home,
that’s where.
i’ve been working some long ass hours these last 2 days.
ima have to turn into bed in a few because i’m tired af,
but i just wanted to font

i should be back to normal by tomorrow.
it’s been a doozy these last few days.
as far as my anxiety,
it’s been down.
i’ve been really learning to breathe and stay in the moment.
it seems like The Higher One has taken over for this week for me.
shit that would usually stress me out has been thwarted in my favor.
the good news?

I haven’t thrown up once

now as far as an appetite is concerned,
that’s a whole “nother” story.

you ever met someone and said to yourself…

“He’s gonna be my man.”

you just felt “something” in your spirit.
it could have been the vibes or that “something“.
i know in this life,
it’s really hard to tell with certain energies.
you think you’re onto something and get the surprise you don’t want.
something feels different about someone i just met tho.
nothing has happened,
but the energy between us is strong.
i think that’s why i’m getting a lot of anxiety.
i’m picking up on something strong.
don’t get me wrong,
i’m still open to meeting other wolves.
not doing this again:

like one of the foxholers told me…

Just enjoy the good times

no “trying to figure out” or “chasing“.
just enjoy the good times,
don’t mentally plan out what will happen next,
and focus on myself.
so far,
i think it’s been working.

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12 thoughts on “it’s 10:30pm, do you know where jamari fox is?”

  1. I know where I am. In bed, blocking negroes left and right. I got some dramatic post about Mercury and retro grades. I’m not into astrology, but apparently everything’s about to go to ish.

  2. Confidence is sexy.

    A nice vacation will do one good but I’ll tell you first hand just like someone else did..some good dick will too. I get it. Men can be full of shit, yes all of us can, but some good dick goes a long way too. I’m talking about the good dick. The one where he spreads your legs and fucks you so good you start questioning life.

    What is your major goal in life? For me, I have it set where I can retire early. There are people who are “retiring” before they even reach 30..all from being smart. I don’t wanna work a 9-5 or be on anyone’s schedule but my own. I’m my own damn boss and I take charge of my own life. Travel and chill with bae, fuck, eat food and make memories & more money without have to be in the system.

    I talked to one of my old coworkers and told them my goal is to not work for anyone but myself. Be my own boss and got make my own money and he got really sarcastic anf said, “Everyone wants that.”

    And I’m like, okay bitch but what are you doing to change that? How are you making these changes in your life instead of sitting around trying to be a smartass without actually being smart at all?”

    Like wtf. I wasn’t put on the Earth to live and work under someone in a man-made fucked up corporate system to live and die by their rules and and no one should have to live like that. The hoes have you working like a slave and they were slavery was abolished.. Asses still slaves to the system. Fawk that

    Get some good dick if you need it, get the bullshit out of ya system and get on your shit and know wtf you want to do.

    While self help stuff can be okay, everything doesn’t work for everyone so find your niche, fuk it up and take off!!

    Hell, a fox trying to hustle up now so we can enjoy the good times every single day later. Lol. The good times is us building towards a better future. Bish, let me have my foxhole on the beach somewhere sipping lemonade with my designer shades on and my wolf at my side. Make it happen, watch it grow…!

    Oh and def hang around some positive people. People who are gonna push and motivate you. I been having the same best friend for damn maybe 23+ years. We met in 5th grade. Like we live in different areas now but he call me and say they giving him trouble at work. I be like, “F**k them. But you need to get on shit and don’t let them get you down. You got this.” He know I am blunt and can come off a little harsh but have a caring (Cancer) soul at heart.

    Point is, if he slipping I’ll pull him up to speed and vice versa. I Stan for my best friend. I eliminate all leeches, aka energy vampires. Not today Satan. Snatching wigs daily.

    He compared our friendship to Whoopi and Angela Bassett in how Stella got her Groove back and told me I remind him of Whoopi and I’m like Bish…why I can’t be Stella…why you making me Whoopi? I need my groove too…😒

    I do be having them Whoopi vibes though how she be reading folks on the View.

    Find you a ride or die pal. They will be there even when you don’t have a man. Don’t side track them for a man either. 😁

    I’m a little pumped this Thursday, it might be because I plan on snatching these candies out the kids bags…They bout to get bags of broccoli and carrots instead..Don’t come knocking on my do thinking you bout to get 5-star chocolate. Do I look like Willy Wonka, Junior? Take these nutrients…

    1. Mr. Jammy,
      You never fail to bring the heat…your words spoke to my soul!.
      Thank you!
      Stay Blessed…Stay Striving…

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