we should start calling it “hate crimes” when straight males reject us

trans model and porn star,
ria cooper,
is upset.
she was rejected by someone who she thought would boost her career.
because of this,
she is calling the following a “hate crime“.
well via “western journal“…

A British transgender model named Ria Cooper has filed a complaint against a man who rescinded an offer of sex and photography, according to Hull Live.

The man, claiming to be a photographer who could help Cooper’s prospective modeling and pornography career, allegedly reached out to Cooper in response to a new glamour portfolio linked on social media.

Cooper claimed that the photographer abruptly ceased contact once he found out that Cooper was transgender.

After resuming the conversation, the man gave his reason for refusing to have sex with Cooper: The model still had male genitalia.

In fact, the photographer allegedly bluntly stated, “you have a c—.”

Cooper compared the act of rescinding the offer to the use of a racial slur.

“This is absolutely f—— disgusting behaviour,” the model said. “No one should be treated like this — this is discriminating and appalling behaviour.”

“This man messaged me saying he wanted to take my picture, have sex with me and film it to make money and then once he found out I was trans he stopped all contact with me.”

“I am reporting this as a hate crime,” Cooper continued. “It’s like calling someone who is black the ‘N’ word. I doesn’t matter if I have c— or not. The pictures should be judged as they are.”

“It says on my social media profile that I am a ladyboy, I didn’t ever say that I wasn’t and I thought he knew.”

“I want to be a glamour model and a porn star — that’s what I want to do. I don’t think I should be treated like this.”

this is more of ria:


so if this is the case,
we should call being rejected by straight males various forms of “hate crimes”.
she sounds goofy af.
you can’t force anyone to want you.
she wasn’t attacked by this person to call this a hate crime.
she was rejected and ghosted.
if he found out she was a trans-vixen and wasn’t interested,
or maybe realized he wasn’t attracted to her,
it just means she’ll have to put her big girl panties on and keep it moving.
i do feel her tho.

Getting rejected by someone you’re really interested in sucks the biggest dick and balls

…but it isn’t a hate crime.
ima need her to take that “L” in stride.

lowkey: males will make all kinds of promises just to get up inside you.
you know our hard dicks will have us agreeing with everything until.  

article cc: western journal

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “we should start calling it “hate crimes” when straight males reject us”

  1. Are you fucking kidding me? People like that fuck the whole movement up. How is that a “hate crime” if he says, he don’t want to smash. She lost that fight, she taking the L for that regardless.

  2. Certain gay and trans people have to understand there are straight Men who only want someone who was born as a Woman and is a natural woman. RESPECT FOLKS PREFERENCE

    1. And straight people to respect our orientations Because there’s a lot of straight women feminists try to force their sexuality on us trying to get it to sleep without enforcing the sexual fluidity shit on too gay men

    2. I don’t think that’s the case. In this case, he may be attracted to a trans but didn’t know. He even said you still have a dick. He wasn’t mad that he was trans, he was turned off that the dick was still attached. That’s not a hate crime. I agree with you, respect folks preference. That does not make him transphobic. It means he likes what he likes. He likes trans women who are no longer male by any means. There is nothing wrong with that. Forcing somebody to sleep with you to advance your career and then calling them out and lying and saying its a hate crime can destroy somebody career; thats wrong.

      1. she, she prefers to be called by she please be respectful but I totally agree with what you are saying, she’s trying to tarnish him and that’s jacked up. imagine thinking you can reject sm1 and go about your day and the next the folks knocking on your door saying you been charged with a hate crime. I would’ve laughed in they face but also men should stop being so hype for vagina that they fail to read into details the way women and gay men do. if her IG siad she was trans he should have read that and knew how to move forward but still homegirl is doing the most

        1. It was fast typing, wasn’t trying to be disrespectful. You make a good point too. The thing is, she even said she told him she was Trans. The only thing she left out was the fact she didn’t have the dick surgery yet. He was under the impression that she was a full transwoman. She came to HIM about sex to advance her career. He simply turned her down when he saw the penis. He was like “I’m good.”

  3. What a joke! The man was probably mad she didn’t look like that filtered pic. That pic compared to the talk show video screams catfish.

    Have to be careful of angles and filters. Lol.

    1. Rite! She gotta WHOLE chiseled jawline in the photoshop pic, then in the video….not so much 😬 either way the whole story is ridiculous 🙄

    2. Screams catfish? Child, King Leonidas and his 300 spartans couldn’t make a battle cry louder than that video.

      In the words of Hercules muses “Girl, who you think you fooling?'”

  4. I am losing patience with the trans community. Some actors from Pose were complaining about Black Girls Rock.

    Um…inclusion does not mean erasure. Why not start your own awards? Since when does begging for a seat at the table work? For the Oscars, okay they include a Black person each time. But then that person has to wonder if they really got it, or were chosen as the Token Black person.

    Why isn’t the same respect and esteem given to the NAACP Image Awards? In the Black community, men get way more attention than the disrespected Black women. When Black women are respected, then we can shine a light on Black trans women.

    None of this ridiculous hate crime foolery or wanting to be given an award is going to lower the # of Black trans women killed this year.

    At this point, trans people can’t have it both ways. You want to be respected as women, but are taking it too far.

    If a trans man wants to be seen as a man, what nerve does he have to call Tampons offensive for having the female symbol?

    If a trans woman has lived life as a man and transitioned later in life and lived with the privileges in the Black community that come with being a man, no they don’t get to co-opt Black Girls Rock. That’d be like an American born Black person going to an African nation and wanting to be president. Sit your inexperienced behind down.

    The moment when a small group tries to bully the rest of everyone else has arrived…and you don’t want anyone saying there’s an LGBT Agenda?!?!?!

  5. The filtering of it all. How is she slim in the main pic and Jabba the Hut in the video thumbnail?

    You want to act like you were discriminated against, but would you pursue a man with your bodytype? When you want do foolery in a time trans women are dying from men who initially accept them, then switch up, I will pick you apart with an extreme prejudice.

  6. she got allot of nerves to equate N word with her issue, No ma’am. Even if your page said ladyboy, she still needs to disclose her orientation. Sometime you get caught up in the flesh and don’t read the fine print to a profile. She should be lucky he didn’t blow her wing off!!

  7. Yeah, I’m not gonna touch much but on one MAJOR thing…. She equated this as to calling a black person a nigger. That’s a pretty BOLD statement to use for justification.

    Nigger is used to persecute, while someone saying you have a dick is pretty much stating the obvious. While I have no hate for my trans sisters and brothers, these type need to get out of the fantasy.

    It’s perfectly fine in my eyes that they see themselves as the embodiment of women but I wince a little when they try to obtain the same rights as women.

    A lot of women are good fakers so don’t be surprised if they turn on you all of a sudden.. some are cool though but anyways

    Honestly, I don’t know why trans men and women even bother with heterosexual people. It makes much more sense to date in our own Community..Trans gender women can easily day a gay or bisexual Top..and trans males can date lesbians…

    Though I have always warned about all these sexualities floating around leading to confusion. Trans men are having sex with gay men…who I think are just bisexual anyways. First time I saw that..my mind was blown. That is what they actually call boy pussy…😥

    You get this one big cluster fuck of Pay-As-You-Go sexualities and folks just saying shit cause it gives them a sense of entitlement.

    I’m still with the you either like dick, pussy or both camp. Cause you have one or the other. You either admire the dick, or admire the pussy or want them both.

    Ass is a luck of the draw. Some men have asses as big as Kevin Hart’s forehead and some women have asses as flat as Melania’s edges but I ain’t seen one gay Top wanna fuck a woman in the ass. Still looking for one.

    Also, I can’t be the only person who looked at pics and then at video and keep looking back and forth trying to find the person in the picture in the video.

    Y’all gonna stop using these filters to beautify yourselves to look like Naomi Cambell but when they meet you in person it’s Garfield the Housecat.

    Even though they say times are changing (they been saying that since the Stone Age) be careful revealing yourself to straight people at the last minute. Some are really insestive about that and they will either beat or kill you.

    For example.

    Im looking at this fine dark skin chocolate nikka and we meet up and he drop his briefs and he got a whole pussy. While I won’t rage or go batshit insane, I will be a little upset. Men turn me on…I like all that chest, toned body, deep voice. I don’t hate women but you’re gonna have a hard time trying to get me to fall inside her vortex when I’m trying to pole vault.

    That’s just how them bottoms be raging about that fine ass muscular masculine man and he turn out to be the biggest power bottom a gay unicorn could ever create. A crushing blow to the rainbow coalition of the gay commandments.

    Tis a sad day indeed.

    1. Chile you better preach! can’t tell you how many times I thought I was gonna get lucky with those masculine dudes and they wanted me to peg them “n***a get tf out please!” had to learn the hard way

  8. I find that Transgenders hurt their own movement more than anyone else and this right here is a prime example of that. Just because you were rejected, you gonna call that a HATE CRIME?! Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit! And trying to equate that with being called the “n-word” because a man doesn’t want you because you are a girl with a dick?! Really?! When will these Trans folk be held accountable for the shit they say and do? I’m all for people having their rights to do and be who they are but I’m really starting to get tired of them and the nonsense like this for real

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