The Prince of Reality TV Has A Name

tumblr_inline_mwspcilzrd1rn99k0so yeezus and sleezus gave birth to their baby boy.
everyone was wondering what they named their cub.
well they debuted the name and they chose…

saint west

gifintoit+tumblri thought they would go for “south”.
“easton” was pretty good too.
i wonder if this is it for these two?
or do they want more?
kim’s ankles can’t handle another.

i’m sure we will know.
they can’t keep shit a secret.

lowkey: kim probably handed that baby off and went straight to nip tuck.
she will not let kylie win.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “The Prince of Reality TV Has A Name”

    1. She probably had plastic surgery right after she gave birth .She is still in the hospital.Nowadays women leave the hospital one or two days after giving birth unless they have a C section.E News has already said she didn’t have a C Section .So she probably had a tummy tuck and Lipo already

  1. I thought it was going to be South East cause you got your North West and now South East. But Saint West reminds me of the video game Saint Row.

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