There Is Levels To This Gay Sh*t

latestthe straights are funny.
they think that because you might enjoy a cock-scicle on occasion,
that you are automatically registered to attend every gay event.
its crazy how they think every gay is the same.
i guess sort of like how a majority of whites think blacks look alike?
there are levels to this shit.
work wolf thought that was the case with me.
i had to let him know which level i was on today…

so i know what you’re thinking:

“i thought jamari was ignoring everyone?”

tumblr_inline_mu24hjtiZQ1ro2d43for your information i still am.
work wolf is a different beast tho.
he will literally blow up my phone and come by my desk.
plus i did want to speak to him today.
sue me.
its hard to ignore this one.

so during our usual convo,
which i will admit i was a little cold,
he randomly asks me:

“the gay parade was yesterday.
you went?”

“hell naw”

“oh i figured u went”

“because i am gay?”


“thats definitely not my scene.”

“whats your scene?”

“i usually chill with masculine dudes.
usually gay or bi,
but they tend to be discreet or dl.
i don’t really get along with queens.
i’m also very private and i expect who i hang with to be the same.”


“there are also different levels to being gay or bi.
some people are out of the closet.
others are discreet.
and then there are those who are dl or in the closet.”


“sorry if i’m going into too much detail.
i know how the straights get when it comes to the gay world.”

“nah its cool j.
i’m listening…”

so after a nice long silence,
which lasted 20 minutes,
then he goes:

“people were askin me if i went to it today”

say-what17“why the hell would they ask you that????”

“i don’t know”

i kept the convo with him rather brief today.
i had work to do,
plus i wanted to still keep my distance.
he hits me with this later on during the day:

“want to go to a happy hour thursday?”

the building is closed friday for the holiday weekend.
i replied:


after another long silence:

“if i get drunk,
you gonna call me a cab?”



here we go.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “There Is Levels To This Gay Sh*t”

  1. Oh lord.

    People are asking him if he went to pride…because he hangs out with you? Just wow. The sheer stupidity of people baffles me sometimes, I just cant comprehend how people can literally be so “pants-on-head” stupid, it’s saddening… this is what happens when you try to be nice to people, and look after your friends. Jeez, I will just keep my close group of friends, and predominantly remain alone, I can’t handle people, honestly.

    Anyway, have fun with Work wolf J! You handled that situation with work wolf well when he was asking about pride, kudos on that one! This will help him get a clearer picture of who you are and what being gay means to you.

    P.S. his “confusion” or lack of awareness on the matter is reading to me as “straight/curious” here as opposed to bi. You can’t really know for sure with this guy tbh. I would stick with the classic “straight” until proven otherwise.

    1. ^naw not because he hangs with me.
      people don’t really know we hang tough like that.
      he just said people were asking him.
      maybe straights go to it?
      i don’t know lol

      1. LOL Oh I see! I guess I was jumping to conclusions? Or maybe not, are you sure people don’t know? People tend to notice things and jump to conclusions themselves. Prime suspect #1 being: Liar Liar. Like you said, you never know who’s lurking in the bushes.

        But if you’re right and people don’t know, then idk, it seems like an odd question to ask rofl.

  2. This guy lol! I don’t like when the straights act like we all think or act alike either. Now I’m not masculine and most people think I’m a little to happy go lucky and white washed , but even my vixen friends will ask me stuff like work wolf asked you and I have to school them will quick. Or some of my friends will see someone gay and automatically asked me what I think of them. Never mind if the person is attractive or not ugh

    1. ^ima have to keep him from going to that place.
      if he does happen to like me,
      lets say,
      i don’t want to ruin the friendship doing something stupid…

      i wrote that.

  3. Well I don’t think you have to be part of the scene to enjoy the parade and the culture. You could have grab work wolf and his friend and have a good time.

  4. He’s slick. He just wants to question how you act behind closed doors. Your answer put him at ease. Im sure he plays with his hole when he beats off.

    I worked with this fine ass nigga who used to let me feel him up. Like. All. The. Time. Then one day in front of an audience he says “Yo! Stop touching my dick and my ass!” Lol. Nobody paid him any kind of mind cause he was kinda suspect.

  5. Ha-ha jamari deserves a round of applause!!! U put that nigga right back together again for sure tryna ack all brand new please! You know what should have told his ass “now when we go to happy hour don’t get too drunk cause ya might try to finger me thinking I’m liar-liar” Lol! Now take that!

  6. i think your answers gave him the information he needed to pass GO and collect……. LOL

    “i usually chill with masculine dudes.
    usually gay or bi,
    but they tend to be discreet or dl.
    i don’t really get along with queens.
    i’m also very private and i expect who i hang with to be the same.” Translation = dudes like you and I won’t tell. LOL

    “if i get drunk,
    you gonna call me a cab?” Translation = I’m going to get twisted will you let me crash at your place? LOL

    you both are setting each other up….. 🙂

    this game of cat and mouse is something. its almost like you two are playing “jenga tower.” that game where you take turns pulling out one of the pieces until eventually it crashes down. who is going to be the one that makes the move that sends the walls tumbling down?

    4th of July fireworks coming to a fox hole literally. LOL
    Sounds like you may have a live party on your hands for happy hour.
    Enjoy yourself Jamari, its a holiday!!! 🙂

  7. I’m too lazy to go to pride, i maybe go out like twice a year. str8 vixen and bi vixen friends wanted to go. I declined. I find pride interesting. It just depends on the city/state where it takes place.

  8. uh oh!!! live tweet your date! just kidding…but I will posted up this weekend waiting…..
    s/n I hate when straight guys do that …give you tongue in cheek answers to get your blood pumping and then it changes to “not with that gay s*”……

  9. Oh my god!!! i dont know why I am so excited for you..i just found this site recently .i love the work wolf convos..Its like a episode of my favorite show. It so juicy. I bet he gon get drunk and spend the night at your house.. Have fun jamari!

  10. I read this conversation very differently.. can I ask one question..??
    Did he seem bothered or please ask him if he is bothered that people thought he went..

    The clear fact that he hit you up, came by your desk and wanted TO GO OUT AGAIN – maybe could show he doesn’t care..

    Check if he does? Cos don’t act like ‘prid and a different kind of gay bothers you- if it doesn’t bother him.. Listen Jamari.. LOVE, UNITY, CONFIDENCE AND ACTION WILL SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.. YOU SHOWING THAT YOUR ABOVE THAT AND YOU HOLD PEOPLE TOGETHER WILL HOW HIM YOUR A MAN WORTH FUCKING WITH..

    Just my opinion..

  11. That why I am not a bbig fan of befriend with hetero people. Like not too long ago, some girl said “I know right, girl” in my mind I was like “Errrrr no you did not call me a girl” Do I look like a Goddamn girl, bitch?…. I think it interesting that people asked him if he was going to gay parade tho, hmmmmm. Only time can tell, I guess.

  12. The only reason I’d want to meet a gay closeted rapper is to meet them, have them sprung over me so I can use their money and power to get ahead in life instead of wasting it on clothes and shoes. Get a degree, acting, modeling, etc

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