I’m The “Rihanna” Type of Friend

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 9.36.54 PMthis is why i love rihanna.
she is “that friend” to have to get you together.
well her friend,
lee lee,
decided to get drunk and act a fool in the streets after the 2015 bet awards.
this is what had to happen…

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 9.54.25 PMshe hit her with the “handle it” with a push.

giphyi wonder where melissa was?
i completely agree with rih tho.
thats the type of friend you gotta be.
while people sitting up there talking shit about their friends,
i happen to take my friendships very seriously.
i’m not gonna have you looking like a damn fool,
while embarrassing me at the same time.
not on my watch!
i might have to slap your ass,
but it will hurt with love.

lowkey: i love how rihanna keeps her circle small.
beyonce and jay z too.

you can’t have everyone up in your shit.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “I’m The “Rihanna” Type of Friend”

  1. Loving get even more, Rihanna was putting a smile on my face all last night, whenever the camera went on her I was feeling it. Plus she looked great.

  2. SMH. Rihanna is getting to be a bit much. For example, that stack of money she threw in that man’s face. Then he said she was acting. Get outta here!

  3. Glad she checked her but don’t push her. Don’t put your hands on someone unless they do it to you. Now you being extra with her drunk ass.

  4. LOL she’s not my favourite person, but she definitely keeps it real! She’s funny!
    I can totally get how she ‘checked’ her friend rofl!

  5. The whole stunt at BET was a stunt to promote her video even her putting duct tape on Mayweather mouth but this moment is too real. Riri is maturing and i know too the way my folks raised me close friends are like family and I feel like if you’re acting foolish it makes me look foolish plus as a unit we’re supposed to check one another. These days ‘friends’ post embarrassing videos of you on fb, pornhub and etc all to get likes smh my circle so damn small I almost didn’t make the cut.

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