You Don’t Need To Sweep Up My Forest (Thanks)


part 2

everyone will have something to say about you.
accept that.
now i hope you don’t sink into your den and cry when you get judged?
oh no no no.
check it…

i use to judge people like “me”.
i would be on a heavy:

“why would they do that?”
“they are too cute to be in that situation.”
“god their self esteem must be a mess.”

…not realizing that sooner than later,
i would be in similar situations and not even realize it.
like how the hell did i get into this “work wolf” saga?
i keep asking myself when did i take that turn?

judging people is just how the world “works”.
it takes us out our own fucked up lives to throw stones at someone else.
why do you think we are all so invested in celebs?
we don’t know these people,
but we love to talk about them.
hell do we even know half the people we judge?
do we know what brought them to that point in their lives?
sometimes they end up taking a wrong turn,
 simply give up from being strong,
or are addicted to drama and need excitement in their lives.
we don’t care.
they did some stupid shit and its up for discussion.

people need to understand something about me:

i don’t particularly give a fuck what anyone has to say about me

how did that happen?
well i accepted i’m:

a) not perfect
b) will let you know i can be a mess
c) not evil or do things out of spite

“c” is the most important.
i’m a regular animal like everyone else.
i talk about people so why can’t i be talked about?
i also realized that everyone has a trail behind them.

a) the smoke from all the bridges they burned
b) the secrets they keep locked in their closets
c) the evil in their hearts that is waiting to consume them

when i think of that,
and think of me,
it allows me not to give a fuck.
sure my feelings can get bruised when some stones are thrown.
my soul is not made of titanium.
so when i write about the “work wolf” saga,
or anything else,
i already know to some i might look like a real fuckin idiot.
…but guess what?
everyone at some point looks like a real fuckin’ idiot to others.
hell even in the mirror.
i have no problem saying it out loud and having no fucks to give.
i write to get pleasure,
seek help,
and get constructive criticism.
the best part of it?
it helps someone in their own forest realize i’m right there with them.
sounds like a win.

tumblr_mjj6uxo8co1qaf90uo3_250i mean…
i could be talking about how much wolves are blowing out my bootyhole,
using me for meaningless sex,
and the rising costs of hemorrhoid cream.
that can get boring after a while.
don’t you think?

lowkey: i didn’t know so many people had a “work wolf” saga in their own lives.
i get so many emails and the comments with personal stories of struggle in this area.
it feels good to know i’m not the only one.
thank you.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “You Don’t Need To Sweep Up My Forest (Thanks)”

  1. Truth!!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    “it helps someone in their own forest realize i’m right there with them”

    I’m learning from u J. Your struggles and advice has helped a lot. When it comes to observing what others do we can either judge them or learn from them. To learn from them is tough for some b/c it requires us to admit that we are not perfect & that we can make the same mistakes that we like to judge others for making. Truth be told, if I was in your shoes I wouldn’t know what to do, I’ll probably be doing the same thing. Hell, I wish I had a wolf right about now who…..

    “hits me up everyday and take his last dime to make sure i’m okay”
    the companionship alone would be beautiful and appreciated.

    Thank You!
    I wish u well J! 😄

    1. ^annnnnnnndddddd I just bought that song off itunes.
      thank you Troy!!!
      that’s looking like a “repeat one” for the rest of the day.

      lowkey: I never heard of her.
      I like her voice.

  2. If you’re happy being in the work wolf saga then Im happy for you. I don’t like it when you sound like a victim tho. As someone who has been following you for a min, it bothers me when you seem to disregard your value in the work wolf situations. I know a part of you enjoys being led on, confused and dazed by someone you find attractive. Its enchanting and fun and difficult at the same time. But the older you get the more you’ll realize your more of a wolf than a fox. Its a matter of confidence in yourself. Ive been encouraging you talk to other niggas. Work wolfs gestures, and gifts are thoughtful and affectionate but they are drenched in his own confusion. Accept them, but don’t put too much stock in his actions. So many guys would love to meet you and court you properly. Don’t waste your prime years trying to decipher a niggas moves and intentions. Life is too short. Chase your happiness and the niggas will follow.

    1. ^i don’t want the foxhole to think I am waiting for him.
      my options are always still open.
      if i met someone else,
      I would be open to dating that person.
      trust I am NOT far gone.
      I can be stupid,
      but im not that stupid lol
      he just happens to be in my radar at this moment.
      i do enjoy him,
      but i want more as well.

  3. You hit the nail on the head hard with the statement that everyone will have something to say about you, when you can let that go and not give a damn what they say is when the battle is won. It takes many of us years to get out of our head worrying what others say about us. Most of the people who have something to say dont ever know the whole story or important details in our story, they just assume or make up things to fill in the blanks.

    I really havent offered to much in my opinion on you and work wolf due to the fact that I am dealing with a somewhat similar situation but different in some respects too, so some of these bullets have hit me. I will probably just email you, I am so paranoid of who reads this blog now that I want to give out too many details on my situation lol.

    I would just offer for you to appreciate him as a friend but also dont forgot about you, get out and meet and hang with old or new friends or go places to meet new people. I went out last night to a little house party that I almost didnt go to, and ended up meeting a nice dude who I had a lot in common with it was so random and unexpected. I was not looking at all, I am still a little amazed and at the same time a little more confident that others are checking me out, it helps me when I am worried about a certain someone who is not appreciative of me.

  4. I have no problem with people giving their opinions,opinions are like assholes we all have them.My issue is with this holier than thou attitude some people have.Questioning your self esteem,your maturity for wasting your time with an unavailable man.Yet many of these same people have spent time in relationships with people who are or have cheated on them,people who are emotionally abusive or distant,people who are not fully committed to them.Yet they stayed in those relationships.I have stayed in those relationships until I was ready to leave.That’s why I try not judge because I have looked at #Maninthemirror.We can’t learn from other’s mistakes,we learn from our own mistakes.
    Whatever happens with Work Wolf it will be a learning lesson,that’s what life is about learning from every relationship.

  5. I have to agree with tommy pickles above that this part

    “it helps someone in their own forest realize i’m right there with them.
    sounds like a win.”

    Is the main reason the work wolf saga hits close to home. I’m going through a very similar situation and because of reading that you are in the same boat it helps tremendously . I believe God put work wolf in your life for a reason I’m sure it will become clear soon.

  6. Thats amazing because we go through alot of the same things and youve helped me alot just because i know im not alone about how i feel .

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