episode 2 (part 2) | accept us

i’m really confused with “pronouns” and being non-binary.
i’ll be completely honest with you.
to call someone “them/they/zero” is really interesting,
but again,
very confusing.
in part 2 of “insidejamarifox: the podcast” with karaoke

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Remy Ma Thinks This Dragging is “Child’s Play”

when i thought nicki minaj was bald after that dragging from “shether”,
remy ma has an alleged follow up called “child’s play”.
she is supposedly going to release it tomorrow.
if it has the drake beat from his “child’s play” from “views”,
they all clearly trying to destroy this vixen.
listen to me…
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Dwayne McKell Has More Leakage For Our Review

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 10.56.10 PMso the foxhole has been on the move since the last entry.
we have new foxhole lurkers as well.
*waves to the forest dwellers*
it seems like dwayne mckell has been a busy attentionisto.
i thought he was trying to be a rapper,
but clearly doing “dick 4 dollahs” has been his hustle.
he has this connectpal situation where he charges animals for nudes.
i thought the first video from the last entry was okay,
but clearly you all thought differently.
it’s bad when karaoke watches it and says:

LOLwell i was sent in an alleged video of dwayne for your review.
this is:


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