Remy Ma Thinks This Dragging is “Child’s Play”

when i thought nicki minaj was bald after that dragging from “shether”,
remy ma has an alleged follow up called “child’s play”.
she is supposedly going to release it tomorrow.
if it has the drake beat from his “child’s play” from “views”,
they all clearly trying to destroy this vixen.
listen to me…

it’s done.
remy has two tracks locked and loaded.
Lord knows if she has more.
you don’t even have one.
i say let this one go.
sit this battle out.
don’t go chasing waterfalls.
please stick to the rivers and lakes that you’re use to.
i say go into hiding and let this blows over.
remy will take her foot off your neck eventually.

lowkey: i can’t possibly see what nicki can say in a response.
remy is an open book.
she has no fucks to give.
nicki has two options:

a) sit this one out
b) take the “L” and sit this one out

she even cross that line,
remy will shoot her.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Remy Ma Thinks This Dragging is “Child’s Play”

  1. I think Nicki is going to put on one of her wacky colored wigs from out of the back of her closet and release a pop song for her fans just to prove that she sells records. Sometimes the best way to win in these types of situations is to WINπŸ’

    1. And she still will be talked about either way. So the gimmick is done for her and as far as her lyrical skills, she is in Meek’s territory. Sorry!

  2. SMH I feel like Nicki Minaj shot herself in the foot by rapping about being queen of rap on “Make Love.” Not only that, she hasn’t been really on the deep end of rap (in terms of lyricism). She say she got bars, xenoxin, but the gag is, her addiction to pills and potions since the Pinkprint has caused her to become too high to notice the real ish that is going down in the DM of her rap life. Remy Ma named checked her in an interview while in jail and even gave her props, but that only boosted her already inflated ego that she earned while on the come up. On top of that, Meek Mill is the new term for loser and she is already in Meek Mill territory. Plus, Drake bodied Meek (strike one for Nicki), Safaree moved on from Nicki Minaj and doesn’t plan on hooking back up with her anytime soon (Nicki’s lost=strike two), and finally Nicki came for women like Mariah Carey (bad move) and Miley Cyrus (really queen?) knowing that these two women are unbothered (or in this case, “I didn’t know she sings” ~Mariah Carey= Strike three).

    So in other words, Nicki needs to hang it up, flatscreen. Oh and BTW, here is a little freestyle clip from an unknown rapper named Keys that went after Nicki while on her ascent up to rap superstar.

    Me personally, I feel like she tried it *insert Tamar Braxton’s “You tried it” meme*

  3. I still think nicki’s career is safe, i mean she may have lost this battle (well let’s honest she has been slaughtered) but she’s still gonna win at the end. I don’t even think she should respond. She should play the “i’m above yall peasants” and release that damn album we been waiting for and let the sales speaking for her. Because at the end of the day that’s what matter and that’s her territory. No matter how people wanna say nas killed jay when you google these net worth, i mean…. So nicki, honey take that L for now, stay strong, and win the war.

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