Tremaine aka Trey Songz Alleged Sex Tape Leakage

/the following entry is parental advisory.
viewer discretion is advised.

well i wanted it and i got it.
thanks to the vix-bi keeping me updated!
tremaine’s alleged sex leakage brought to us by fameolous.
here it is


“there you go,
relax, relax…
i fuck every hole you got,
don’t i?

bring that asshole.”

if the alleged is tremaine,
then he got a alleged thick pipe:

…but is the alleged vixen in a coma tho?
i’m surprised she ain’t allegedly squealing.
why wasn’t he allegedly fuckin’ her pussy?
allegedly there will be more later.
i’ll update in this entry as the alleged leaks drop.

lowkey: if this is allegedly tremaine then me next.
i have dreams of doing cirque du soleil on that pipe.

am i the only one happy to see condom usage?

video credited: fameolous

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “Tremaine aka Trey Songz Alleged Sex Tape Leakage”

  1. Am I the only one left feeling unimpressed?

    Trey Songz is one of my absolute favorite male celebs to lust for. Ever since the Ready album took off in 09, I’ve been intrigued, turned on, and hopelessly devoted to all things Trey. I realized you loved Trey too which endeared me to IJF even more around that same time.

    However… nothing in life is guaranteed except change, and I find myself losing interest in Trey FAST.

    His recent interview on the Breakfast Club was an eye opener for me in 2017. His smugness really bothered me in a way I hadn’t noticed before. His lack of maturity when confronted about gay rumors/Keke Palmer felt disrespectful. I mean here is the main proponent of DL jailhouse sagging pants! He literally sagged below his butt cheeks for years and had a personal camera man on stage recording it. He’s seen my screencaps on UTS over the years..I’ve sent him direct links. He liked one of them back in 2013.

    Point is, Trey fucking a girl (condom or no condom) is not my idea of sexy.

    I’m not bi and straight porn/sex tapes does nothing for me. I’d much rather see Trey stroking his own dick or just recording it rock hard. THAT would have led me to purchasing 3 or 4 copies of this next album but this..not so much.

    Finally, Trey is also losing in the creative ideas department. In 15 years, he’s yet to push himself into a different artistic realm. Just the same recycled sex jams and party music. Zero evolution. The reality show is lame and he’s damn near 35 years old.

    These days I find myself more drawn to the Big Sean’s, J cole’s, Trevor Noah’s, Luke James’ of the world. They offer a more varied sense of personality other than “I’m the SHIT, sit on this dick! Love,Trigga, yuup!”

    Don’t get me wrong, there is always a time for that direct thirsty approach. But now its feeling redundant after so many years.

    1. I seriously doubt that video turned anyone on, if it did, I would be shocked. He barely went inside her bootyhole.

      It would be hot if he placed the camera on a nearby drawer table. Positioned her in a doggystyle, gets on top of her with his cheeks spread apart so we can have a glimpse of his hole. Add some KY jelly inside her asshole and rape the shit of her.

      However, Trey never interested me. He just seems like a rip-off version of Ginuwine.

    2. @Utstarz – you’re not alone. Trey has been as stale as grandma’s dinner rolls for many years now. That video does nothing for me, and quite honestly Trey would have to released a full length Bareback Gay Sex Tape to even get me halfway interested in him again. Meanwhile we’ve had rappers, R&B artists, actors and hell even Justin Beiber releasing Dick and Ass pics yet Trey Songz is still stuck in the past. He’s a Lame.

      *insert yawn gif here*

      1. Don’t get me wrong now.. Trey is still fine as hell in my eyes.

        I’m just saying he’s no longer my No.1.. but if that dick in the video does belongto him…geez Louise!

        *Aside* his brother Forrest already did him one better and jacked off on cam with cum gushing everywhere!!! I’ll stick w/ that for now. ๐Ÿ˜œโ˜บ

  2. Don’t sound like him but of course he’s packing you all never noticed the buldge not him I’d put money on it

  3. If that is him, I’m shocked because I honestly didn’t think he was going to be that thick and long. I thought he was going to be like 5 o 6 inches.

  4. Now that’s what I wanted from him. It’s looks so thick and juicy. ~flatlines~ I’m so glad he’s using condom too.

    1. Now his brother is something else lawd!!! He can fuck me all day every day, including weekend and holiday

  5. Whoever it is, that dick is HUGE! Trigga is fine af, but if he’s that big I’m just sucking it ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ™Š

  6. Ah, this is only a small leak, meaning there is more. My thing is, if he is recording it how did someone else get hold of it?

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