You Can’t Block The “Moonlight”

all 3 stages of his life from “moonlight”.
so last night,
after it looked like “la la land” took best picture,
my bawdy decided to get violently sick.
not my choice or because of the winner.
i was ejecting TMI from each hole.
i turned the tv off after they walked up stage,
but i apparently missed all the festivities.
this is what went down…

that happened.
“moonlight” actually won best picture of the year.
even emma stone had to say her piece backstage:

how embarrassing.
there must have been a mix up with the cards.
for that,
i am happy because they deserved it for that wonderful film.
i feel bad for both parties.
“moonlight” and “la la land”.
imagine going up there,
getting awards,
and realizing:

“moonlight” because they were the actual winners,
but they had to go up there after that major fuck up.
someone is definitely getting fired for that mess.
i loved how humble the director/co-writer for moonlight,
barry jenkins,
and mahershala ali who had a role in the film (and won best supporting actor earlier),
were about it.

these are two quotes from them backstage after the fiasco:

well all is right with the world.
i’m still stunned that “moonlight” sweeped this award season.
let this be a lesson to everyone.
even myself.
you can be a supernova waiting to happen.
it may not look like it now,
as the “popular” choices look like they got it,
but continue to do you and be humble.
“moonlight” was the little engine that did.
i hope to see more movies about like it to come!

lowkey: look at ( x this clip with trevante rhodes ) when they won.
he couldn’t even believe it.

can you believe how far he has come?
from “tyler perry” to “oscar winner”.

*insert heart eyes emoji here*

7 thoughts on “You Can’t Block The “Moonlight”

  1. Apparently, theres not nudity btw Trevante and Andre Holland, bc I havent seen any gifs. lol

  2. Congrats to Moonlight! This is the first “all Black” movie to win Best Picture. A nice Black history moment as “our month” comes to an end.

  3. I just watched the film the night before the awards, and I must say it truly deserves all the praise it’s been receiving. Even though the error happened, I’m glad a film like that was recognized with the highest honor. Congrats to Viola and Mahershala as well. Trevante is husband material.

  4. Hey Jamari, its’ been awhile. I plan to see this movie soon, I’ve heard great reviews about it. I want Trevante’s body, in both sense of the word!

  5. Congrats to them! I still have yet to see this movie e.e and I will, but I’m glad to see that has won some recognition. I don’t care much for the trinkets that are these award shows, but it’s cool to see something new get some light.

      1. Me too. “Moonlight” is not a movie that you just Netflix and Chill with, you need to buy it as a collector’s item and keep it so that your future generations can watch it.

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