Carmelo Anthony Allegedly Didn’t Pull Out

this carmelo anthony and la la separation is getting messier and messier.
is it me…
or was carmelo the one to smash in the nba?
every vixen i know wanted a piece of that.
me included.
so carmelo allegedly knocked up some random.
this is why la la sent the alleged peace out emoji sign.
it’s a whole lotta mess via tmz sports
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You Can’t Block The “Moonlight”

all 3 stages of his life from “moonlight”.
so last night,
after it looked like “la la land” took best picture,
my bawdy decided to get violently sick.
not my choice or because of the winner.
i was ejecting TMI from each hole.
i turned the tv off after they walked up stage,
but i apparently missed all the festivities.
this is what went down…
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