A Gay Kiss Under Moonlight Would Take Home A MTV Moon Man

so guess what won “best kiss” at the mtv movie awards last night?
actor wolves,
ashton sanders and jharrel jerome,
took home the coveted moon man.
this is their acceptance speech
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Aaron Hernandez Own “Moonlight”, But In Reverse?

this story keeps going deeper and deeper.
the same was happening to aaron hernandez in his fox…
…or he was the fox.
either way,
more revelations are coming out about his alleged sexuality.
according to reports,
aaron hernandez killed one of his victims in fear of being outed.
a f-bi sent me in this story and well…
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Trevante Rhodes Stands At (Our) Attention

i’m crowning trevante rhodes “foxhole bae” for 2017.

You Can’t Block The “Moonlight”

all 3 stages of his life from “moonlight”.
so last night,
after it looked like “la la land” took best picture,
my bawdy decided to get violently sick.
not my choice or because of the winner.
i was ejecting TMI from each hole.
i turned the tv off after they walked up stage,
but i apparently missed all the festivities.
this is what went down…
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Trevante Rhodes Chest Hairs Come “Out”

this should make up for the last entry.
ever since i saw “moonlight”,
i’ve been wanting a wolf like “black”.
i was dumb attracted to his character.
i like the wolves that are battling something for some reason.
his issues and bawdy tho…
lawd jesus…
that sculpted bawdy.
well trevante rhodes,
who is the owner of that bawdy,
just had a photo shoot with “out magazine”.
look at this foxhole…
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“Moonlight” Pushes The Gay Agenda To Turn Males Gay

has anyone SEEN the comments about “moonlight” on facebook?
an f-bi just sent me the madness.
take a look at this
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