Aaron Hernandez Own “Moonlight”, But In Reverse?

this story keeps going deeper and deeper.
the same was happening to aaron hernandez in his fox…
…or he was the fox.
either way,
more revelations are coming out about his alleged sexuality.
according to reports,
aaron hernandez killed one of his victims in fear of being outed.
a f-bi sent me in this story and well…

Aaron Hernandez was bisexual, according to reports from Newsweek and the Daily Mail. But Hernandez didn’t seem to want people to know he had a male lover. And Odin Lloyd knew, according to Newsweek.

Because of that, police delved into the possibility that Hernandez’s secrets around his sex life played a role in the murder of Lloyd. Here’s what Newsweek’s Michele McPhee wrote:

He was convicted in April 2015 for shooting and killing his friend, Odin Lloyd, seemingly without motive. But interviews with multiple law enforcement officials directly involved in the case say Lloyd—a semipro football player who was dating Hernandez’s fiance’s sister at the time—had information the football star did not want out: that he was bisexual.

The relationship Hernandez had with a former high schoool classmate was at the center of Hernandez’s murder investigation. And that classmate, who was Hernandez’s alleged lover, testified in front of a grand jury during the Lloyd murder trial.

Hernandez also included his alleged lover when he split up his money into three accounts. The account for his lover had more money than the ones for Herandez’s fiancee and daughter.

This comes after the Daily News’ report that Hernandez wrote three letters before his suicide: one to his fiancee, one to his daughter and one to another inmate, who is another one of Hernandez’s male lovers.

i can’t…
i did hear from a source odin was talking too much tho.
i would hate to be dating a baller wolf as messy as aaron.
looking past the pyschopath-ness and death of this story tho,
i’m impressed aaron was so good to his alleged bae.
some of the gays out here getting hard pipe and no ride home.
this alleged bae got the most money out of the wife and cub.
that is very telling.
any day now,
that alleged bae will be outed to the world.
i’m sure he will try to keep aaron’s secrets even in death.
i hope this continues to break the stereotypes of what “gay/bi” looks like.
the foxhole already knew,
but the world needed a real life reminder.
i’m glad it came in such a high profile case.

How many others are keeping secrets?

i’m sure some of the foxhole is keeping others secrets as well.
i know i am.

lowkey: wouldn’t think be the start of a GOOD tv series?
gossip girl
pretty little liars
boyz in the hood
the game.

i’ll allow.

article taken: nbc news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “Aaron Hernandez Own “Moonlight”, But In Reverse?”

  1. The more “alleged” info that comes out the more the motive for the killing seems to make sense. The only way to really confirm this is if we get hard proof, a letter that they’re not willing togive all information from and these rumors aren’t it and seem to be very convenient all of a sudden.

    If it is true , I’m not excusing any of his actions it puts me more in the seeing what is what. I mean yeah we can say that celebrities and ball players have rumors about their sexuality all the time it’s no big deal but the ones that have something that they want to keep close to their chest go to extreme lengths to keep it hidden.

    1. Yeah, but murder?! That’s a bit extreme. People are gonna talk. Even the straightest of straight guys are put into the “he’s gay” category. But to kill someone behind that….that’s just crazy.

  2. I believe it’s true because his lawyers and family haven’t denied.If it was BS I believe they would have released a statement.Silence is deafening.
    I wonder if is high school boyfriend is White, Black or Latino.I saw a pic of him flashing Blood Gang signs online.He grew up in Bristol, Conn.but I am not sure if he grew up around Latinos or mostly Blacks.
    I know y’all always joke that white boys stay quiet(don’t out famous exes)😂

    1. Well, Bristol is about 90%white, so….No wonder Hernandez was throwing up the gang signs, overcompensating.

      1. You know everyone is going to try and have their 15 minutes of fame, claiming to have messed with him.

    2. I think he’s either Black or Latino. Those are the only ones I could see Aaron messing around with.
      He was supposedly a Blood. His former teammates said that he never associated with any of them outside of the stadium and training facility. Once practice was done, he’d leave with friends that were waiting around for him, or he would leave alone. He never attended functions that teammates had at their homes, restaurants, etc.

      It was always his crew. He only surrounded himself with people he felt he could trust. Apparently these people were individuals he thought he could trust. We saw where THAT got him. People will SAY that they have your back, but actions speak louder than words. Those people were around Aaron because of what he could get them/do for them. He couldn’t see that because he was blinded by their lies.

      If it is true, I wonder how Odin found out? And who was he talking to to make Aaron flip like that? They initially made it seem that Aaron was mad because Odin was friendly in the club with some people that he didn’t like. Because HE didn’t like them, Odin wasn’t supposed to associate with them. Whatever. I don’t get down like that. And I’m sure Odin didn’t. Sadly, it cost him his life.

      Foolishness all around.

  3. I always fantasized about dating a professional athlete but in reality it would be a headache because everything would be kept secret. Sneaking around, this makes me wonder how many other professional athletes have secret boyfriends. He probably thought that he would lose everything if his secret got out. Not worth killing someone

    1. If I dated a professional athlete that was DL and I was DL, and he was taking care of me both physically and financially, why would I fuck that up?! I’m DL!!

      The thing is that these athletes and entertainers go and find these messy kats, those who love drama and need it for their lives to mean something. They have this idea that the athlete is going to parade them around like yeah, this my boo. Not gonna happen! You’re the secret for a reason!

      Pay my bills, rent, car note…I’m SO good! I ain’t fuckin that up! You want me to keep your secret…I’m gonna keep your secret. LOL

      It’s like that guy that worked with Barry Bonds. Even though they weren’t lovers, he kept his mouth shut about Barry Bonds and that steroid investigation. I don’t know what he got for keeping his mouth shut, but ol’ boy didn’t give up anything…and Barry came out of it with little to no damage. He wasn’t banned, he’ll get in the Hall of Fame eventually (time seems to wipe memories) but with an asterisk next to his name. He is a batting coach for a MLB team (Giants I believe).

      So yeah, keeping the mouth shut has its advantages.

  4. This situation is different because he allegedly killed a 3rd party but there are hundreds of cases of men killing gay men or trans women to keep a gay relationship or same sex sexual encounter secret.There are men who have use the “gay panic” defense after having sex with a man and then killing him.A few weeks ago somebody shot that guy Markeith Rivers because they were afraid or angry about being outed.

  5. If Odin Lloyd was indeed trying to complicate Aaron’s life by “outing” him then I can understand why Aaron sent him to his maker – I don’t approve, but I understand. Anti gay messy bitches gets zero sympathy.

    Now if we can only get someone to finish the job on Markeith Rivers all would be right in the world.

    1. We may never know the extent of the story, but I don’t believe that Odin Lloyd was trying to out Hernandez. From stories I’ve read, Hernandez would get angry with people at the smallest PERCEIVED slight. I picture it as Odin said something derogatory (that schmoocher word) to him in jest, unfortunately in front of others, and that could’ve set Hernandez off.

      1. They would have to honor the contract if the contract wasn’t breached in any way.
        If there is a breach, they don’t have to honor it. Apparently him getting arrested and convicted violated a term of his contract because it took him away and physically prevented him from completing his contractual obligation (playing football). But the lawyer is going to try and argue that.
        I’m a bit confused though because he was guaranteed $5 mil, but the Patriots and Players Association said that that issue was argued and taken care of in arbitration.
        So he got some of that money, but he got arrested shortly after signing his contract. He didn’t play. So he breached the contract and isn’t entitled to the rest. Unless I’m missing something somewhere.

  6. “looking past the pyschopath-ness and death of this story tho,
    i’m impressed aaron was so good to his alleged bae.”

    Are you serious with this? When I am trying to look past something and encounter a homocidal psychopath, I stop looking. What else is there to see?

  7. Boo Boo Kitty revealed!
    His alleged longtime lover is Ryan McDonnell. He was also his personal assistant and high school classmate. Ryan McDonnell testified in the court proceedings as well. He also took a vacation with Hernandez to a tropical destination in Costa Rica for a week.

    Go to @:27 in the video

    **Legal Notice**
    I’m placing the pieces together from video testimony available on YouTube. My comments here are not to be taken as FACT. These are “alleged claims” made by credible news sources.

      1. Damn! The Foxhole comes through again! Fuck NYPD as being the world’s greatest detectives! The greatest are in this group! LOL

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