Amandla Stenberg Is A Proud… Um… Uh…

amandla stenberg is a ________.
amandla was in the “hunger games”,
but she became popular for her “woke” views.
well amandla has no gender now.
amandla is neither male or female.
amandla was put into people’s “2017 most beautiful” list.
look at what the writer described her as for gender


before i start…

Has anyone noticed how sensitive everyone is becoming now?

i can’t criticize anyone who is gay because i’m being “insensitive”.
even though i’m gay myself,
it’s wrong to not agree.
you can’t say certain things because it may offend someone nowadays.
so that means,
if you judge this particular “gender” situation,
you’re an asshole
but everyone and everything else is okay to get judged.
well i’m here to say i’m confused af and i don’t get it.
now when this new “genderless” clan gets into a relationship

…It’s basically two pieces of skin?

filling out applications and things of that nature

…What box is being checked?

when i’m watching a movie,
and “they” have no gender…

…How will I know what”they” are playing?

it’s gonna get to a point no one knows what anyone is anymore.
a dog will be a cat and a horse will be a lion.
a human will be a vacuum cleaner and gay will be a television.
i’m starting to think everyone will be okay with that.

lowkey: amandla is dating a male.
is he a male?
or is he “them” too?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

26 thoughts on “Amandla Stenberg Is A Proud… Um… Uh…”

  1. I don’t know but this is spiraling out of control. They are trying to normalize multiple genders and even pedophilia. I feel like its mental illness being normalized and played up in the media. I know, I know. They used to say the same thing about homosexuality, but same sex relations occur in other species on Earth. There are no other genders in nature besides male and female and I know of no other species exhibiting pedophilia besides humans. I mean no offense.

    1. I think some metal illnesses are being normalized because people are better off being educated about them and getting help to manage these illnesses, rather than being clueless and having stereotypes stop them from seeking help and becoming self destructive, or violently taking it out on other people. I just don’t like when people use mental illnesses as an excuse to let people off the hook and continue to hurt others.

      Things like Pedophilia will never be normalized like homosexuality because being gay doesn’t hurt anyone, but being a pedo hurts kids physically and will damage them mentally. Also, kids who have been victimized by it can also become one.

      1. ^for some,
        being gay is on the same level of murder nowadays.
        it’s very twisted how gays are viewed in society.

        don’t even get it twisted that there are those who think gay men will rape/molest a cub.

      2. Don’t be so sure.

        Keep in mind not so long ago it was okay for a 50 year old man to take a 13-15 year old woman as his wife.

        I can see people finding a loophole in the age of consent thing in the near future.

        If pedophilia was something only unique to minorities I’d agree that it would never be normalized, but when you have rich, powerful, WHITE men that enjoy it anythings possible.

    2. I don’t know how you make the jump from gender to pedophilia which has nothing to do with each other. You sound like the ignorant people who want to ban Trans people from using the bathroom because you believe they want to molest children. Nobody is trying to normalize pedophilia. So stop spreading that fear mongering nonsense.

      It’s incredible to me how people revel in their ignorance. Everybody is on the internet all day but yet are too lazy to Google information to remedy their ignorance. Here’s a novel idea, if you don’t understand something how about doing some research on it like an adult instead writing off other’s people’s lives and experiences as invalid just because YOU don’t understand it

      1. Hi KRB. This must of struck a nerve with you. And that’s fine. I can say that I don’t know what it is to be genderless or feeling like I was trapped in the wrong body. But this doesn’t make sense to say that someone who was born with one specific gender can now say that they are genderless. I have no personal stake with what people decide to do in their own personal lives, however I will say that this opens avenues again to adjusting orientation narratives to any paradigm people choose. “I don’t feel like being black today. I’m 36 year old man on the outside, but I am really a 8 year old girl on the inside.” That seems normal to you?

        And Google is there for your personal use as well. As far as me mentioning pedophilia in my first statement, there are actually people identifying as “clovergender” piggybacking and attempting to undermine the sincere efforts of the gay and lesbian community. You use google, so I’m sure you’re familiar with the term. It’s normal to be a fully functioning adult being romantically attracted to a child? It’s normal for a person to be born male or female and say that they are neither? Not trapped in the wrong body, but neither?? Its okay for Rachael Dolezal to say she is transracial even when born to two white parents? I said what I said and I stand behind it AND I’M ENTITLED TO MY OPINION ON THIS TOPIC OR ANY OTHER TOPIC THAT I CHOOSE TO SPEAK ON.

  2. Tbh you’re overthinking it a bit. If my name is John Doe, but I’d rather you call me Doe, then just call me Doe. Especially if I didn’t get to choose to be called or named John at birth. If her boyfriend identifies as male then guess what? He’s a male. If dogs could communicate and say that they’d rather be called ding-dongs, then call them that lol. If she or in this case “they” wants to be referred to as such, then why is that such a strain on your life?

    I get that the things we are so used to constantly changing, or evolving over the past few years can be annoying(especially when the internet can be so quick to label you as a bigot for not using the right terms or pronouns).

    1. ^it’s open for discussion krb.
      if i don’t get something,
      i want to talk about it.
      it will be a “strain” in my life if i meet someone:

      “well i’m not a male.
      i’m am them.”

      does that not seem confusing???

      1. I understand and appreciate the reasoning for discussion. I think it’s better than just labeling someone a bigot and casting them away because these terms are fairly new to most. It’s unrealistic to think that when something changes we should all automatically know it, and everything about it.

        I can see how “they” would be confusing if I had to put someone’s gender on file, or in the system at work because it’s not an option. But other than that, not really. I don’t need to know someones gender to communicate with someone .🤷🏾‍♂️

        I don’t think it would be wrong to ask some to discuss what “they” means either. Especially if you’re dating. I don’t wanna come home one day and they had a body like maravilla, but now they also have a set of double D’s.

        1. ^but this goes beyond with it.
          how are they going to start this on medical forms?
          or is this something we will just call someone in the streets?

      2. ” ^but this goes beyond with it.
        how are they going to start this on medical forms?
        or is this something we will just call someone in the streets?”

        I feel like this is more of a social media and street thing(More NYC 42nd and less South Bronx). The business I see adhering to the new era of pronouns and labels tend to be the ones in the media, or publicly well known. I don’t think the boss at Butch Auto Repairs gives a fuck lol.

        I work in the medical field and in order for us to change your gender, you would need to have legal proof of that change. So, I guess if America makes “they” an actual gender, then the system we use to put in patient info should have that as an option. It wouldn’t be hard to add. Or maybe even “Gender Assigned at Birth:” and then maybe “Current Gender:”? But if a female patient tells me that they identify as male, then I have no other choice to address them as such when speaking to them(this actually happened to me in november).

        I think the same should go for schools too. I guess you have to unfortunately deal with it until you become an adult, or your parents change your gender for you, and then the school should address that child as such. Just like a kid with an unfortunate name like Jack Kanoff. The school has to call you by that name even if everyone addresses you by a nickname.

      3. I just don’t get why can’t you question something to understand it better. It’s seems a lot of people seem to want to put their business in the street but then when it is questioned because in all honesty this situation up top is really confusing to me they get so angry and assume people are trying to judge or dismiss their idea but in reality they just want to understand. You say you don’t want to explain yourself but when you put things in the world you may get inquiries about what made you come to this conclusion or idea.

  3. No! If he wants to be “called” a male but is biologically a female, then he’s still a female. A female that wants to be treated as a male, but a female nevertheless. XY or XX.

  4. I already ask people, “What pronoun do you prefer “when I am not sure or I can’t tell.Just like I ask people their ethnicity.I never call people Mexican,Chinese,etc unless I know their nationality.I use terms like Hispanic, Latino,Asian,etc.I had a classmate who was from San Salvador and she hated when people called her Mexican so I became very sensitive about mislabeling people.Same for Asians I went to school with several Vietnamese kids and they told me the tense relationship with the Chinese so they didn’t want to be called Chinese.

    Call people what they want to be called.When white people whine about should they call us Black,African American,People of Color. I say just ask what they want to be called.I have relatives in Los Angeles who will curse you out if you call them African American.

    He ,She, They …It’s not a big deal to me.

    1. ^it is one thing to mess up someone’s race.
      it’s another to start calling someone another gender by “they”,
      Or even “it”.
      it’s not like it’s someone from the trans community where you can identify their new sex.
      this is someone who basically just skin and bones.
      so it’s gonna get to the point where we don’t know how to address one another because someone woke up feeling like a female,
      which is still a gender.

      does that make sense?
      I’m trying my best to explain it…

      1. You are making this too big of an issue.They will either tell you what pronoun they prefer or correct you if you use the wrong pronoun.Don’t worry about it.😍

  5. Oh, I just love how tolerant the gay community is of other people’s lives who aren’t hurting anybody else.🙄🙄🙄

  6. *sigh* I guess I should weigh in. Okay so, whomever this aMANdla Stenberg is needs to take their entity and go back to the far regions of space because the species that is of this humanoid specimen is really confused. Like who are these legions of demons dwelling inside this entity? I need to know so I can perform an exorcism on this wretched human being. Whatever IT is, it needs to go back so I can identify it as a female creature created by a man and woman through sexual intercourse using semen and fertile eggs.

  7. I don’t think we should judge them on what they choose to identify as
    I have many friends and acquaintances who are non gender conforming
    Don’t even know why this is news
    I will say that people have become VERY sensitive tho, I had a girl come at me for saying she was “dumb” when she said a joke, but I meant it like “wow you are hilarious” not like “you’re a dumb bitch”

  8. Precisely why my interactions with anyone in the subject matter or most of the LGBT community are limited to the internet or just here to be specific.

    Nothing to bring to the table except baggage and complexes to be honest.

    I don’t entertain the bullshit and things will escalate fairly quickly to me throwing hands so it’s best we pay each other dust. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  9. I’m not sure if this comment fits in with the subject at hand or not. My friend is a substitute teacher. While doing The roll call, she saw the name Debbie. She called Debbie’s name. Silence. She called for Debbie again and a little girl stood up and said “on paper my name is Debbie, but I only identify as Jason.”

    This is a middle schooler!

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