A Gay Kiss Under Moonlight Would Take Home A MTV Moon Man

so guess what won “best kiss” at the mtv movie awards last night?
actor wolves,
ashton sanders and jharrel jerome,
took home the coveted moon man.
this is their acceptance speech


they are both handsome young wolves.
are these two legal?
well i thought jhaleel jerome,
who played barry,
was the cutest tho.

i hope they have much more success for their future endeavors!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “A Gay Kiss Under Moonlight Would Take Home A MTV Moon Man

  1. So happy! the first time two black male actors won this award, their speech spoke volumes.

  2. Aweee I loved what he did at the end. I thought that was cute. You know I have seen them interact at other events and I wonder if they were a couple for real?

    1. Lol no jharrel makes it a point to clearly state he’s str8 to everyone who asks (not in a shady way, I believe he is str8). Ashton idk he could be fluid but I think he has a GF.

  3. That was cute. Ashton is the new IT guy in fashion along with Jaden Smith. Low key his voice is super bassey and hot. More success to these Moonlight young men.

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