When You’re Caught In Piedmont Park After Hours (RUN!)

now what are you doing in piedmont park after hours sir?
as i heard,
don’t nothing go down there but drawz and headz.
well a dekalb county sheriff was caught in that park after hours.
a foxholer sent me what went down via ajc.
pun intended?…

DeKalb County Sheriff Jeffrey Mann called his weekend arrest for exposing himself a misunderstanding, but details of the incident raise plenty of uncomfortable questions for the law enforcement veteran.

What was he doing in an area of Piedmont Park police say is known for “sexual acts after dark”? And why, when confronted by an Atlanta police officer, did he flee, leading the officer on a quarter-mile chase before eventually surrendering?

Mann’s arrest on a pair of misdemeanor charges is the latest in a long series of scandals in DeKalb’s government, where dozens of elected officials and county employees have been found guilty of corruption in recent years. Four previous DeKalb sheriffs, dating back to 1972, saw their careers end following criminal inquiries.

“It is embarrassing,” DeKalb County Commissioner Nancy Jester said Sunday. “It’s certainly not a good headline for DeKalb County.”

In a statement, Mann vowed to clear his name. He was charged with indecency and obstruction and bonded out of Atlanta City Detention Center early Sunday morning.

According to the incident report, a police officer said Mann was exposing himself as he approached him in Piedmont Park late Saturday night. Once he got within 10 feet, the report continues, the officer turned his flashlight on Mann, identifying himself as police and commanding him to stop.

Mann turned and fled into a nearby Midtown neighborhood, running across 10th Street and into traffic, according to the officer.

“I continued to watch the male run while I waited to cross 10th Street and its traffic near Argonne Street,” the report states. “The male had stopped to tie his shoes. I got approximately 10 to 15 feet from the male before he noticed my approach. The male immediately stopped fixing his shoes and started running again.”

As Mann approached 9th Street he noticed he was losing ground to the officer, according to the report, and finally surrendered. The officer said he found two condoms in Mann’s right pocket.

“It’s tragic and unfortunate the citizens of DeKalb County have to endure yet another black eye,” said Harold Dennis, a business owner and Republican whom Mann defeated in November’s election with 80 percent of the vote. “The citizens of DeKalb deserve better by their elected officials.”

Mann’s charges are far less serious but potentially no less embarrassing.

The sheriff told Channel 2 Action News that he appreciates Atlanta police and said he is “working with the City of Atlanta to clear these charges.” He was booked into the Atlanta City Detention Center and bonded out early Sunday morning. Atlanta police are not commenting, saying the investigation is ongoing.

you’re a sheriff and allegedly in a damn piedmont park?

is it the thrill?
the danger of it?
i’m not understanding this carelessness.
this is just stupidity.
when star fox (rip) was down there,
he use to tell me the alleged stories of piedmont park.
he said it was nothing to see males fuckin’ in the bushes at night.

if the alleged is true,
this is sad on many levels.
it’s like the higher your status in life,
the dumber the alleged mistakes.
for all my wolves/hyrbids/and foxes reading:


allegedly speaking.

ain’t no natural habitat that good enough for me to get caught up.well…
a beach on the maldives would be nice.

lowkey: and then he allegedly runs.
and he has alleged condoms.
you know what…
he better say he was going undercover to catch hyenas and jackals.

article taken: ajc

7 thoughts on “When You’re Caught In Piedmont Park After Hours (RUN!)

  1. It must be the thrill of having sex outside. However, a charge related to indecent exposure is nothing to play with, and can result in a person being classified as a sex offender. After hearing about all the strange things that happen there, I do not understand why anyone would go to that particular place.

  2. Pre 1968 anonymous sex rears it’s head once more and another brother down. He just could not hold out any longer. I have a very strong feeling this was his first time doing this. Most likely married and kids, fighting these desires for years . These desire can only be held in check for just so long. Sad really that we still have these situations!
    Oh He will loose his job and maybe some jail time while these “Macho” officers out there killing our people will not even get a slap on the wrist.
    Really, really, really sad

  3. Some people just love the thrill of it. I’ve been to Piedmont Park in Atl, Malcolm X in DC, Prospect Park and Fort Tryon in NY. I would be lying if I said I didn’t have fun. Don’t know how they are now since was a few years ago, but met tons of sexy dudes.

  4. I ain’t gonna lie, I’m no stranger to outdoor proclivities when the mood hits, so I’m not gonna knock em on that….but if I was in his position, he’ll to the naw, not even worth it…and who jus walks out with their cock (hate this word so much!!!) out to a total stranger anyways?

  5. Well, there’s Adam4Adam,com, bgclive.com, craigslist and other places to look for a hook up–paid or unpaid. And for a hook up for pay, there was rentboy.com, which got shut down for selling sex (prostitution) but there are other services like rentboy.com online where sex can be bought.

    And how about a hotel, motel or at home? And doesn’t ATL have a gay bathhouse or two?

    Maybe he went there for the thrill of sex in the public. Maybe he’s married to a woman and so didn’t know about the alternatives for sexual access and if married, perhaps he was concerned that a hotel bill on the credit card would get the attention of his wife. I did a quick Google search and found no wife.

    My suggestion to him is that he apologize, admit to being gay or bisexual and enter rehab. That’s likely a good publicity move.

  6. I guess he got a rush out of public indecency thinking he’s invisible. I’m no stranger to it myself, but that would be the last time I would go to an underground stairway boiler room. I had to admit, dude was fine as hell to lure my ass to that location. If i’m hooking up with someone and he can’t host, were booking a cheap 2hr motel room for $30 and having my all you can eat “man buffet”.

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