Where That DaWayne Towel Drop Doe?

well marvin bienaime played our tails,
didn’t he?
he was suppose to drop that “dawayne doe” towel drop.
this was supposed to be a situation:

…and it didn’t cum through.
knowing marvin,
it may happen in a month.
well dawayne had a full photo shoot that ended up on essence magazine doe.
care to see how he shoots?…

he looks like he has good pipe.
*looks at you looking at me with the face*
these are really good shots.
i love how marvin knows to highlight what we like.
fun fact about “dawayne doe”: he spent 7 years in jail.
i wonder for what?
he does have a hint of “hood wolf” on him.
sounds like a great interview for the foxhole.
i might have to get dawayne over here for an exclusive doe.
you know jamari fox does a legit interview.
if you want to know more about dawayne in the meantime doe:


check dawayne getting his bawdy together doe.
he is a certified personal training wolf down in philly…

pictures credited: marvin bienaime

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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