Where That DaWayne Towel Drop Doe?

well marvin bienaime played our tails,
didn’t he?
he was suppose to drop that “dawayne doe” towel drop.
this was supposed to be a situation:

…and it didn’t cum through.
knowing marvin,
it may happen in a month.
well dawayne had a full photo shoot that ended up on essence magazine doe.
care to see how he shoots?…
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Marvin Bienaime Is Going To Make DaWayne Drop His Towel

between that last entry about justin evans,
and now this one about ^that wolf shooting with marvin bienaime,
i have given up.
i surrender.
i’m clearly trying to be driven crazy with an overload of meat.
so dawayne,
who is photo’d above,
wanted to shoot with marvin.
he bought a ticket from philly and flew down the next day to miami.
well marvin posted a sneak peek of the shoot…
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