Marvin Bienaime Is Going To Make DaWayne Drop His Towel

between that last entry about justin evans,
and now this one about ^that wolf shooting with marvin bienaime,
i have given up.
i surrender.
i’m clearly trying to be driven crazy with an overload of meat.
so dawayne,
who is photo’d above,
wanted to shoot with marvin.
he bought a ticket from philly and flew down the next day to miami.
well marvin posted a sneak peek of the shoot…

oh my Lord,
Jesus Christ,
and all his Disciples…
i like dawayne.
he is the type i’d be happy to meet off a chat site.
i’d have to hold the cross near and dear.

i hope you aren’t just pointing a camera on these wolves and saying:


they always look so awkward and not ready.
three videos of this:

are they supposed to be posing or are they introducing themselves?

i’m confused.
i think they should be using that candid moment to sell themselves.
i’d like to find out how much it cost to live in dawayne’s drawz.
i’m looking for a summer get away.

lowkey: can we get a social media for this one f-bi?

Author: jamari fox

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40 thoughts on “Marvin Bienaime Is Going To Make DaWayne Drop His Towel”

  1. Can anyone give us the true UNSUNG E! Hollywood story behind him and Donny Savage.

    1. Thanks bmoc78…I didn’t address Marvin specifically but I laid the state of the photography from my experiences so people can draw their own conclusions. Let’s look at the facts…he is an established photog, has an established network, has no shortage of talent wanting to shoot with him even paying for their own flights and most likely is shooting TFP, has a legal team and the infrastructure in place to have models sign releases and I venture to say nda agreements (which protects him if something goes South i.e. Donny, Royal, etc. plus others who have quietly gone away). What do the models have that he shoots? Instagram, Facebook, a body, followers, personal training, little money as being in fitness (which pays very little for competition wins) is expensive so bottom line they are not in positions to discredit his name or reputation…if so he can literally destroy what little success they have and blacklist them with his network. So, if things are happening you will never hear it directly from him or a model…the machine is well oiled and catches no dust…it keeps on running…for every Donny there is another waiting to be shot and discovered…look at Dawayne…and all the ones since. Just my thoughts. Cav

      1. ^i went to donny’s IG the other day.
        he isn’t doing anything.
        marvin kept him in the radar.
        whatever happened,
        he may have lost.

      2. My point exactly Jamari and don’t be surprised if Donny after realizing the world is a cold place wo contacts doesn’t end back up with Marvin at some pt..may take mos or yrs or never…remember no dirty laundry has aired and Marvin has moved on like he never existed. They erased each other but whose was heard the loudest? Think about that one.

  2. Is he fucking these dudes? Or is he just trying to “put them on?”

  3. Absolutely, only about 10 percent of models have a plan, 20 percent know they need one and have thought about it and the other 70 percent are looking for someone to discover them, do all the research, come up with a plan and make them famous while they do nothing but post on social media for likes. They don’t try to educate themselves resting everything on their looks and game.then are super heated with the world when they get used for bf, lunch and dinner plus snacks.Yes you are definitely on point. I tell every model male or female if he or she is homophobic they will NOT be successful on the national or international stage maybe local.The fashion industry has a high percentage of people at all levels who are lgbt or are gay friendly including the ones who decide what models will be signed to an agency or used in a campaign . A compliment is a compliment period…and just like you said, “the more attention is the better”. Should not matter what sex is giving it. They sb thanking you for the exposure. Some agencies identify unsigned models that way. Just like your Instagram was highlighted…ppl getting upset bc you included their instagrams on a photo…r u serious? That could have been a point of discovery by some talent person or contact. After all they are posting to be noticed…also in the photography world most often you have TFP (time for print or photo) and PAID shoots. Both should have model release forms…notice I said should have bc photography has the good, bad, and ugly…just depends on legit the photog is and how educated on modeling the model is. Most new models equate modeling to requiring them taking off their clothes esp black and latin. Most new models are not paid and do TFP. Based on a photogs portfolio or how long they have been in business most do TFP or require to be paid by the model for shooting them. The more notable the photog or larger his/her network is the more models beat down the door to be shot by the photog, etc. I don’t have to spell out the obvious. Very few photographers pay models to do shoots unless they have specific projects where they are looking for specific type models. Just wanted to complete the convo..take care.

      1. Personally I think the ones who complain are really DL who are afraid of being outed. Like you said, an attention whore is an attention whore regardless of who is watching. Soak it in and Suck It Up!!!

  4. As a photographer, I’ve been shooting males and females for about 30 yrs now. I’m going to speak for myself and about 8 other colleagues I know where some only shoot females and others only shoot male. I can say after hip hop blew up and the age of the Internet namely social media everybody wants to b a model, actor, singer or rapper. With that comes a mindset of immediate wanting it now. There are still those who put in the work but an equal number are about using what they got bh closed doors to get what they want be it money, a job, a lead, whatever. If a model is sure the photographer is not going to put the business out there and there is a level of trust, then there is a willingness to go there. If you take 10 models, 5 are “by any means necessary to get ahead”, 3 are “ride the fence” based on what the conversation leads to they stay professional or are ready to compromise, 2 are professional and serious about networking and being successful without doing anything sexual to get there. Bodies are a dime a dozen…almost every black or latin man or woman has body or a unique look. I find most young men and women are mesmerized by seeing themselves in print especially if they are from small towns and not accustomed to being complimented on their look. Just a little feedback from a photog perspective.

    1. ^cav came through!!
      thank you for sharing this.
      i love when the foxhole shares bts info.
      i’m grateful this outlet brings such knowledge for me and others who are interested.

      1. Welcome J…I firmly believe information is the difference between rich and poor. Love your sites and all the topics plus perspectives. Priceless. Last point…asking a model if they have a plan or what it is like catching a deer in the headlights. My position is and has always been without a plan you won’t go or get far which explains why so many burn out before they even begin. Just because you have a body doesn’t mean you have a brain smh. I call it the Tiffany box syndrome (outside looks good but open at your own risk). In life you either live your dreams or you live someone else’s. Real talk.

        1. ^exactly!!!
          you know what i’ve noticed…

          i’ll write about them and then then run and hide.
          they had no issue taking off their clothes,
          but as soon as the gays start paying attention,
          they are awkward and self conscious.

          that is the first sign that a model will NEVER make it.

          in this game of celebrity life,
          the more attention is the better.
          i equate it to ignorance tho.
          if they knew better,
          they’d do better.

  5. Okay! I see him. Now, I wish I was a photographer and get some good shots of him doing his fitness thing and his modeling thing. I’d be down.

  6. …..I’m convinced that marvin is giving up some good head or tail to some of these guys.

      1. 1. Marvin clearly finds men attractive. 2. many of the men he features, have ambiguous relationship status…no signs of any female companionship 3. I don’t think Marvin is able to pay these models cash upfront so they must get something out of the deal. 4. most seem like wolves 5. Marvin flirts heavily with them on camera…i don’t think any straight man would be so cool. 6. it’s like once the “relationship” is over ..the models have moved on too.

        1. ^i can see it t.

          he is living a professional fox’s dream.
          i like a more “emergency dick in a glass” for future purposes,
          but i’ll allow however marvin is going this.

          that donny savage thing did look like a break up.

        1. ^LOL

          if the alleged is happening,
          then i don’t blame him.

          if marvin is allegedly getting some pipe,
          is it wrong?

          the male straight photographers get pussy.
          i know a few male photographers that have banged their vixen models.
          perfect job for sex.

      2. I’m not mad…wish I picked up photography…..dream job. he gets to stare at men all day and allegedly get some good dick in the process

        1. ^listen…

          when i’m able to be in a power position because of the foxhole,
          and i’m around the wolves of my fantasies,
          my foxtail will get penetrated.
          i’m just here to font ya.

          some you will never know are on my trophy case either.

      3. j…you want to becareful….ninjas are crazy and you don’t want to try the wrong one and get some bad and crazy dick. let me screen em for you;)

  7. Jamari! Why are u doing this to us today? So much sexiness between Justin and Dewayne. Dewayne is my type of wolf..yes yes yes

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