the foxhole has told us everything about the attentionistos, gym bros, and muscle males

so you know we been in the foxhole for a minute.
every day,
i learn so much from you guys.
besides therapy,
my life has improved greatly because of my community.
i don’t have many male gay friends in real life but within the foxhole:


i saw ^that tweet above and you know we like a gym wolf or 10.

i put this on my stories but i’m gonna post some facts i’ve learned in detail.
this may not apply to all attentionistos but it applies to many.

hella insecure and wild body dysmorphia.
this is why they work out all day.
it has nothing to do with #bodygoals,
but more so their minds playing tricks on them.

small peens; can’t fuck.
i have seen many onlyfans with some of these wolves.
let’s just say i’m usually disappointed with 98% of them.

their social media profile is more charismatic than they are

without therapy,
these males are still their “before” pictures.
you can work out all day but if you haven’t worked on your inside,
you are pretty much a done deal.
there is one workout wolf that lost his brother in an act of violence.
it’s a very sad situation but you can tell he needs a therapist.
it seems that incident brought out his mental health issues in full force.

as much as i think they are sexy and will top me into a coma of orgasm,
many of these males lean more into their foxy aka bottom sides.

they’ll date their clone or mirror image in a heartbeat.
RUN don’t walk.
that is a sign of two narcs.

i’ve met some of these gym wolves in real life and they are kinda boring.
in texts,
many are dry af.
some just use their bawdy as a crutch while neglecting their personalities.

they’ll choose the gym over you.
if there was a fire and they had to rescue you or the gym,
they’ll grab that gym and tell you:

a majority of them are escorts.
how do you think many of them can afford this drip,
but be in the gym all night and day?
someone is their “daddy” and he loves to spend on them.
if not,
they’ve found legal prostitution through onlyfans.

they are always nice to look at but usually,
thats about it.
i learned that there is no need to feel insecure about them.
many of them are harmless and sensitive af.

if you can stroke their egos,
many of them will date and fuck you regardless of what you look like.thats why they’ll bag someone who is fat or skinny.
these folks know how to appeal to their ego.
a soul shakin blowjob can help too.

and on the lowest of keys,
they are fuckin’ their muscle bro friends after a good workout.
you’ll see the lightweight foreplay in the comment section if you pay attention.

a majority of them love getting their brains fucked out by messy folks.
all these tweets and captions about being above it all can be major cap.
they’ll be the first to get caught up by some obvious trash box.
many males can’t run in the other direction from sex with crazy.

and finally a foxhole tip:

the ones who are the best to deal with are easy to spot.
they are friends with whoever and not just trying to be cliquey.
the ones who want to have a good time are the coolest to hang around.
i’ve met and had good times with professional male models like this.
they don’t care about looks,
or status.

if you’re cool,
they’re cool.
they love to party and have a good time.
 if you catch them at the right moment,
you could get some sex too.
these IG males might be better in real-life settings tbh.
the ones who are mean for no reason or only hang with other gym bros…

they beez the ones who get bent over for money very quickly.

11 thoughts on “the foxhole has told us everything about the attentionistos, gym bros, and muscle males

  1. Omg Jamari.. I love you!

    I can’t argue with anything you just ” FONTED” ha ha ha ( smile).

  2. It’s funny you mention them using the gym as a therapist. When the Covid pandemic first hit and everything got shutdown. So many of the gym bros kept saying how upset they were that gyms closed. When people would tell them to just buy their own gym equipment and work out at home, many of them would say “gym workouts hit different.” It almost sound like they were low-key admitting part of the boosts they get from gym workouts was being admired by us average bodied folks because what else could that mean. They were being so lame around that time. There’s a bunch of different things you can do besides lifting weights. Motherfucker go jog or something.

  3. It’s very interesting and ironic that we can see beyond the smoke and mirrors nowadays here! lol 🤣

    Everything you stated is 💯% accurate. And yes, they are “nice” to look at. And even fantasize about. Including getting an occasional fuck from, on a slow day when you’re bored. But when you begin to peeling back the layers, they’re internal beings make them be really unattractive. Because they have so many complex issues! It’s like, “brah you need to go and get some real therapy! Because you’re a hot ass mess!!!” #smh

    And as you stated too, many of them “workout” or “stay in the gym” because the gym is their “therapy.”

    And that one dude who you were referring to, whose brother lost his life. I think that’s Koree who you’re referring to? Because I just remembered seeing something on his Instagram last year where he talked about losing his brother several years ago. And as you stated, his mental health issues have surfaced. He’s not even the same person anymore since that’s happened. Well, the mental health issues were already always there. It’s just that event triggered it. (Which is the case with mostly ALLLL of these IG-OnlyFans Males.

    *Honestly, I’m scared to even interact with them sexually. Because I refuse to house their soulish issues! Think about it, you fuck around with them, and the next thing you know, you’re depressed. Or your money starts getting funny. Shit starts breaking down in your life. Etc. A lot of people are beginning to innerstand, that fucking the wrong people can fuck up the flow of blessings in your life!

    It’s just ironic how God, The Universe, and just Life humbles the most haughty of people.

    But that was also funny when you spoke about how these same dudes, are easily manipulated and led away due to their own lusts. Or desires to try to keep a certain way of life! And who will totally “sell their souls” for a dollar! But that shit only lasts for so long tho. lol

    They will get with some of THEE MOST decrepit ass looking creatures, for a price! But at the same time, have ALLLL of these stipulations & requirements, and who will only date their reflection. They are truly delusional. And as you stated exhibit the most feminine energy! Because feminine energy is receptive. It loves to receive. Or be given things. Never providing!

    They are the complete opposite of straight males. Straight Men will at least date/marry/be in a relationship with a person who’s the total opposite of themselves. Because they know the value of balance.

    1. ^these dudes use their bawdy as a way to define their masculinity.
      muscle bawdies are the sign of “brute strength”.
      once they acquire that bawdy,
      it can act as a mask to protect that hurt inner nerd or fat boy.

      when issues happen,
      you’ll see that trauma fly tf out.
      so they’ll go to the gym to use it as a therapist when they legit need a real therapist.

      when these attentionistos work on trauma and heal their abuse,
      all while working on their bawdies,
      then you got an actual 10.
      dressing nice and a “bawdy to fuck” is just a bandaid for future issues.

      just my take from observations.

    2. They are the complete opposite of straight males. Straight Men will at least date/marry/be in a relationship with a person who’s the total opposite of themselves. Because they know the value of balance.


      Thats exactly what I said . Thats my issue with gays always dragging straight men. Straight culture knows right from wrong I feel like gay people revel in wrong bc they’re trying to stick it to their detractors and their preachers and parents and religious family members

      When women do wrong shit or men it’s called out. Gays call shit preference and “forming what works for us” despite strong evidence none of this shit works

      I was reading somewhere about how fitness culture began basically gay men were building their bodies up because of the aids crisis they didn’t want to be emaciated and perceived as being sick

      But now its to a point they go to the gym and spend more times in the showers on their knees than strength training

      I like the pics but that’ll probably be it as far as it goes. I typically like a slimmer natural physique

      1. This is so CAP. LMAO straight people do not call shit out nor do they act better. Majority of humans as a whole are shifty people to be in relationships with. Which is why people consider it a blessings for the ones with great relationships. And the stats back this up. Let’s not act like they aren’t waging a gender war on each other every Tuesday. They aren’t in successful relationships no more than gays.

        1. Thats opinion

          Heteronormativity is based on the concept that we follow rules that govern straight people

          Monogamy is called a heteronormative concept everyday on social media by gays . Women are shunned by expressive sexuality. Debate me if I’m wrong but with FACTS

  4. Yes about the peen! Many of them have been exposed for putting socks in their underwear to make it look like they’re packing meat. I remember one person asking a guy if his bulge was real because it was too thick & misshapen. The guy replied “subscribe to my Onlyfans to find out.” Someone already had and replied “it’s not real, in fact it’s the complete opposite, very small.”

    About many of them still being their before picture inside. Many women were thrown off by a few incel comments H3nry Cav!ll aka Superman made. That was until someone reminded them that Henry was a geek as a teenager and internalized a lot of the way he was treated before puberty turned him into an Adonis that all the ladies lusted after.

    The escorting thing. Oh boy! One dude I followed just randomly up & went to Dubai. He posted a video on a random yacht, smoking a cigar. Mind you this same guy was desperate to get people to subscribe to his only fans. I’m talking DES-PUH-RETT. He definitely had a sponsor whose back he was blowing out. For the longest time I thought that St3ven B3ck dude was a madame the way he always just so happened to be friends with every single hot new thing you posted. We used to speculate that he was fucking them but now I think he was their connect to a sponsor.

    1. ^they be straight and “no gay shit” and then you’ll see a whole other side in the later months.

      once you gotta smut out/or be smutted out by a “daddy”,
      that humble hit real quick.

    2. Many of them have been exposed for putting socks in their underwear to make it look like they’re packing meat.

      Looking at you Storm Monroe. On his Twitter, he posts underwear pics with the biggest bulge. But over on his OG, he is small as hell. Never mind the fact that he’s STILL claiming he’s straight.

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