the trans community are like mutants from the x-men

i know ya’ll hate jean grey but i have a soft spot for her.
she is a mutant who doesn’t understand her potential.
if this was real life,
she would be the person who finally became fed up.

Phoenix Force would be born and she decided to end everyone.

i know that isn’t the story of jean grey/dark phoenix but go with me.
florida republican (shocker!),
webster barnaby,
says that the trans community is like the x-men…

A Republican lawmaker in Florida called transgender people “mutants and imps” on Monday in an anti-trans rant that appeared to almost imitate vitriolic lines from X-Men movies. 

Florida Rep. Webster Barnaby shared anti-trans views at the state capitol while lawmakers deliberated House Bill 1521, a piece of legislation that would criminalize trans people for using public bathrooms that don’t correspond to their sex assigned at birth. 

I’m looking at society today and it’s like I’m watching an X-Men movie,” Barnaby said at the start of his speech.

“It’s like we have mutants living among us on planet earth,” Barnaby continued. “That’s a fact: we have people that live among us today on Planet Earth that are happy to display themselves as if they were mutants from another planet.”

He went on to compare trans people to “demons and imps who come and parade before us and pretend that you are part of this world.” (Barnaby has since apologized to the “trans community,” and didn’t respond to a VICE News request for comment.)

it’s giving:

shiiiiiiiid being called an x-men is a compliment imo.
the underlying point of the x men was to represent those who are different.
those who are rejected by society and even though oppressed,
they were still trying to save humankind.
a thankless job at that.

Sidebar: Wasn’t Professor X supposed to be MLK and Magento supposed to be Malcolm X?

i know one thing,
gays and trans have a few superpowers:

Keeping these jackals hella pressed
Living rent-free in their minds
Having more spendable income than our straight counterparts

sounds like being a mutant has its upside.
call me a mutant cause every tongue that rises against me falls.

lowkey: florida is so ghetto.
why do people live there?

article cc: vice

5 thoughts on “the trans community are like mutants from the x-men

  1. He’s probably got a cache of trans porn on his computer, and fantasizes about the very people he’s trashing. The GOP in general has no policies to help people in real material ways, so they turn to hate and division. It’s tiresome but it’s also extremely dangerous and destructive, because their policies lead to mass devastation over and over. From the Great Depression under Herbert Hoover to the two failed wars that George W. Bush started to the Covid-19 and economic crash under Trump in 2020, etc., they just wreak havoc. Democrats aren’t great but at least they make some effort to push legislation that actually helps people, like expanding health care or instituting Social Security and Medicare or rebuilding our infrastructure. Banning books and attacking trans children and threatening people who teach about Black history may make homophobes and transphobes and racists feel good but it’s actually harming a lot of people.

  2. That Ron Desantis character is a threat and going backwards with his propaganda and fascination with the LGBT community. That dude is so petty and butt hurt he lost to Disney.

    1. ^ i still don’t understand why he is going after my manz.
      mickey is a goon and he don’t play that shit at all.
      desatan got him fucked UP!

  3. Republicans are mentally ill. I wish it could be said without backlash but some idiot will claim we can’t dislike them because of their beliefs while they continue to make laws oppressing the average citizen and blocking laws that would help the average citizen. This country will change for the better when we acknowledge the mental illness that is Republicanism and get these people on some medication.

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