lil nas x is straight and pretending to be gay for popularity

before he came lil nas x,
he was montero lamar hill from lithia springs, georgia.
according to some who claim they knew him

He was straight back then.

woah vicky,
claims that lnx is not really gay.
in her words,
back in high school,
she knew people who said he was straight

how many of us claimed “straight” in high school?
how many of us had sex with vixens in high school?
how many of us are not the same people that we were in high school?

is she still this person as when she was younger:

her blaccent sure is giving “popularity” too.
what do i know?

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “lil nas x is straight and pretending to be gay for popularity”

  1. He was and is gay whether he knew it or not then. He even wrote one of his best songs, “Sun Goes Down,” about this very issue. He keeps people thinking, though.

  2. Why would anyone purposely put an obstacle in their way on their pursuit of fame & success. As we saw from the backlash to the song where he was twerking on the devil, the general public wasn’t really comfortable with a gay pop star and was waiting for any reason to cancel him. So being gay was always going to be a hurdle despite the times we live in where it SEEMS like gayness is more accepted.

  3. People are stupid. I’m tired of folks always speaking on Black Men and their sexuality. No one is the same as they were in high school. It’d make sense that he’s being himself nowadays because He has the freedom to do so. With his money and status he can be himself unapologetically. Do they know how many grown Black Men are out here lying about themselves in fear of retaliation. I highly doubt Lil Nas X risked possible career suicide earlier on just to pretend to be gay.

    1. ^ so when people think you are gay,
      they are trying to pull you out the closet.
      when you are gay and living your life unapologetic,
      you are straight and only doing it for popularity.


  4. My sister said the same exact thing about Lil Nas X and he be doing these jokes saying that he wants pussy on this stuff and girls and some people including within the gay community are questioning Lil Nas X sexuality and people are thinking that he is queer baiting, just like Harry Styles and many others

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