they let jamari fox on imbd now

today was an interesting day for me.
i felt a shift.
a door might have closed but and a new path opened up.
it felt like the timid little fox inside me grew up as well.
i’ve been working with one of my good friends,
yhá mourhia wright,
on her web series,
we started together and got let go at the same time at my last job.
she was featured on season 1 of my podcast.
well because of working with her,
you can add “creative consultant” to my growing resume…

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the foxhole got a shout out and tons of love today!

i’m always so grateful to those who show the foxhole love.
it means a lot and i radiate with all the positive energy.
i got a shout out today on a website called “men who brunch“,
which is wild because i was randomly thinking about brunch and mimosas today.

About Men Who Brunch

Living in a heteronormative society is not easy for a black gay man.  Gay men of color constantly face daily struggles and challenges such as dealing with homophobia, forming long lasting intimate relationships, and having limited inclusive spaces to freely express themselves.  And so, I created this platform as a means to highlight these issues and to bridge healthy relationships between black gay men.

My vision is to create an international network for black gay men that will allow for meaningful social connections.

well on their blog section of their website,
they wrote an entry called:


and this is what they had to say about the foxhole

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i want to thrive and my crops to be watered again

i want to get back into the law of attraction lifestyle.
when i focused on that for a good period of my life,
i was really seeing the benefits of the universe.

my hair was growing,
my skin was clear,
my crops were watered

a haiku.
now tho...

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jamari fox is a ghosting slut too

i use to think ghosting was meeting someone,
feeling their vibe,
enjoying their conversation,
maybe even the sexual part of it,
and then they suddenly vanishing on you.
calls and texts go unanswered.
no explanation whatsoever.
they just drop you like it never mattered.
to me,
that’s one of the most hurtful and cowardly things someone can do.
it wasn’t until i realized that i was a ghosting slut as well.

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