Big Up to Raheem

I told you it was Fox World Domination.
We are going into overdrive.

I was hinted at (like the dirty little secret I am)
in a interview today.
As you know, I did a tag team entry on Keri Hilson and him the other day.

Check out what he said…

Coincidentally, Keri Hilson also premiered a sexually-charged music video this week that caught people off guard. Except I think she might’ve received more flack than you.

I haven’t seen her video yet, but I’ve seen some of the comments. Someone created a blog page on just me and her. They had our pictures up like mug shots like how does this dude go from “Customer” to this? Easy. It’s art man, don’t take it so seriously. I’m a fan of Keri. Unfortunately for women though, if they decide to be promiscuous they’re going to get a bad rap. It is what it is. We all know that. But hopefully it was her decision. If she’s cool with it, I’m cool with it.

See: Artists Who Are Doing WAY 2 Much

Raheem was respectful… even though I threw him under the bus

here is the thing baby…

I love your music. I have been rockin with you since the braids and the fade.
From Guess Who Loves U More to Text Message.
I have been pretty much fondled and knees on shoulders to your music…

But I wasn’t feeling that video!
It was just way to much and I understand the art aspect,
but I am use to Trey Songz or one of them to go that route.

You strike me as a soul brotha with a vision.
Not some oversexed horn ball trying to figure out if the Neighbors Know His Name.

This video was just NOT you.
But from a publicity aspect, it was a brilliant move.

Got people talking.

THANK GOD the song is good
and not like that bs Keri is shoppin’ to the public.

Stay fly and I’ll be supporting from the FoxHole.

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14 thoughts on “Big Up to Raheem”

  1. Hmmm…so does that mean Raheem gets down or one of his staff members? Either way, he’s shouting you out & the peeps that read you. Now if he wasn’t half-high to a hobbit, it might be sexy…

    1. Half-high to a hobbit? LMAO.
      His lips make up for his lack in height.
      Let’s hope in other places too…

      and *slaps you across your head* You know he reads here!
      Don’t scare off the celebrity fo’k!

      1. Please, if you going in on him didn’t do it, I won’t. If you’re short, you’re short — most of em are…and the only thing worse (for a celeb) than people talking about you is them NOT talking about you…*shrug*

        PS: unless you’re starting some foreplay, you betta not slap me again — cuz next time, that’s yo azz 😉

  2. Ha! You’re going global! But you’re assessment was more or less accurate. (i wonder who else is reading this?…, just in case….. DEVIN THOMAS I LOVE YOU!!!!!!)

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