reWIND: “For My…”

This is for ROCK.

One of my many active and favorite commentators on Inside Jamari Fox.
I saw a comment from him today that cheered me up since I too was also in a “sigh” mood.
I never knew how many people I inspire with these words of mine on a daily basis.

This particular blog inspired so many messages and emails.
I know when I wrote it,
I was in a “FUCK YOU/I’M DOIN ME” place.
I was fed up and just tired of feeling like I was the only one dealing and struggling.

A Fox was tired of all the “no’s” and welcomed the “YES” thru positive thinking. So my Foxes in the struggle, this reWIND is just for you

Nothing long.
But straight to the point.


This blog is dedicated to my readers who are dreamers and doers.

Those who want more and are not settling for less.
Those who are single and know “he” is out there.
Those who fuck when they feel like it.
Those who are fucking with condoms and playing it safe.
Those who know when it is time to let go.
Those who don’t take no disrespect.
Those who keep a poker face when times are tough.
Those who are not giving up.
Those who do not take “no” for an answer.
Those who are making moves.
Those who are messing with celebrities.
Those who have the boys jocking them HEAVY.
Those who got who they wanted when told it wasn’t possible.
Those who are messing with dudes that are DL and not in any drama.
Those who take full control of their lives.

I see you and I got alot of love for you.

For those who are just dreaming without doing anything – this may not be for you right now.

See, you gotta get up and start reaching for the stars. You may want that man or that lifestyle but you aren’t doing anything to achieve it or, you feel like you aren’t “good enough”. Fuck that.

Some of us are scared. Some are un-sure. Trust me because I have been there. But like Nike, just do it. Work on making you the best. Get out there and see the world. Take a risk and it may open up many doors.

But whatever you do, do not have any regrets because I damn sure don’t.

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9 thoughts on “reWIND: “For My…””

  1. you are sooo right jamari!! i’m going to start going after what I want. imma seduce the guy from my math class, slap my nemesis in the mouth, quit my job, and buy a new winter wardrobe :p

  2. And let the church say Amen! You preaching the gospel and you ain’t even have to lay hands! Hallelujeeerrr!!! LMAO ;).

    1. Isn’t he always? J.Fox Know how2 make sumbody go hard in da paint when it comes to grabbin life by the horns. I also want to Thank You Jamari =)

  3. OMG…you are right on time with this one. I was in a mood myself that started yesterday. I felt like i was backsliding. This was so needed to get me back to myself. Thank you.

  4. thanks, Jamari. 😀 Lol @ inspirin your depressed ass. I feel like the dude who said something awesome to the teacher after school.

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