Artists Who Are Doing WAY 2 Much

Foxes and Wolves…

This is the look of desperate.



I can understand if you already had this image already then this would be the standard.

We got one who is in the running to be the next Maxwell.
How you going to go from Customer to Porno Bootlegger?

The other WAS trying to set her own lane and do her.
How you gonna go from Pretty Girl Rock to Put It In My Ass?

Now they smutted themselves out for record sales.


Raheem: your name is NOT Trey Songz
Keri: your name is NOT Ciara.

You guys DO remember who you are?

I’m putting them on time out until they get their shit right.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Artists Who Are Doing WAY 2 Much”

  1. So uhhh who exactly is Raheem Devaughn??? And lmfao at Keri sayin ‘I got the kinda pussy that will keep you off tha streets’ and ‘Fuck me fuck me its the way you fuck me’

    #DEAD + #FAIL

  2. It was disappointing to see that video of Keri Hilson I thought she was more classy then that I only like people like Trina doing music about sex and sucking dick and pussy poppin and a hand stand in the club its for Trina not Keri that song will have to grow on me.

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