“God’s Plan” Is To Cum Get This Celibacy!

i love when folks do good deeds.
males that i think are hot especially.
nothing gets my loins on fire than a wolf being selfless.
well drake did a whole music video with him doing that.
it’s called “god’s plan” and it was shot in florida.
he gave away close to 1 million and this is how he did it…

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Nicki Minaj Gets An Easy “A”… From Jesus

i want to mention a positive nicki minaj story that happened.
i mention all the dumb shit she does to the foxhole,
but this was actually a really nice and strategic gesture.
don’t look at me like that.
so as you know,
nicki minaj has a ton of fans she calls “barbz”.
well she randomly set up a contest this weekend about their education.
this is what she asked for the barbz to do via twitter
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WTF Is Going On In Chicago?

every time i turn around,
the news is reporting about all the violent crime there.
are there no police?
are the jails full?
people just not giving a fuck?
what is going on.
nba baller wolf,
derrick rose,
offered to pay for the funeral for her:


this is heartbreaking

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