brittany renner might be on the top attentionista list these days

i’m so tired of some of ya’ll giving the worst kind of attentionistos a platform.
all they gotta do is flash a titty,
have an onlyfans,
or slash someone’s neck open,
and they become the heroes of the forests.
brittany renter,
is one of those vixens to me.
all i know of her is her past weird-ass videos and writing a book about her sex life.
i thought once she had a kid that she was changing.
she had a big interview with akademiks on his podcast,
off the record“,
but when he had to break down what a side chick (she) was

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Being “Masculine” Is Still An Everyday Struggle

so as you know,
i love watching “everyday struggles” on youtube.
joe budden,
dj akademiks,
and nadeska alexis discuss hip hop and topics within the culture.
i love the witty banter and joey turning into “super saiyan” especially.
well the discussion was about tyler the creator,
his alleged coming out,
and being gay in that hip hop forest.

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