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tumblr_mwidaa31Ho1s9ox3qo4_500why does going after your dreams feel so…
it makes you feel kinda insecure?
almost like you want to give up?
like why does that happen?
why is it when we are confronted with what we want,
or something we thought we knew we wanted,
(until we got all the logistics)
that we buckle?
it can feel like throwing it in the air,
running far away,
and never coming back.
our careers look easy in our minds,
but we have no idea the hard work that goes into it.
acting is hard work.
modelling is hard work.
rapping is hard work.
writing is hard work.
fashion is hard work.
blogging is hard work.
college is hard work.
careers are hard work.
everything requires some kind of sacrifice.
so i had to ask…

You thought it was gonna be easy, huh?

we all want to excel in something.
we all have dreams and desires.
well i know i do.
sometimes we are gifted with the talent to do something.
like myself for instance.
i like to write,
but i never went to school for it.
i started writing at a very young age.
they were in the form of stories.
i would write scripts for my toys.
it would be an event.
i could paint vivid pictures with my words.
as the years went on,
i started writing my thoughts in a journal.
my deepest secrets about things i would never share with anyone.
well that got boring and i decided to start a blog.
“” was born.
i’m here.
you’re here.
lets get ice cream.

giphythe problem is when you have a talent,
and other skills that aren’t fine tuned with a formal “education”,
you can feel more pressure to make it into a career.
i ask myself all the time how can i turn my:

eye for style on men
giving advice
solving problems
good looking wolves
in the know when it comes to entertainment gossip

…into a lifestyle?
a career?
a “BOOM” is born so lets call oprah to tell her the good news.

yzkx5jxi had to wonder about talent.
we all have a talent(s).
some of us developed it in school.
others developed it overtime in a bedroom.
is it better when its on a piece of paper?
or is experience a much better teacher?
some of us hate the idea of going back to school.
i know so many people with +100k in school debt,
but aren’t even using their degrees.
that is a risk all in itself.
a vast majority simply just don’t have the time anymore.
it’s much easier when you live at home with your parents.
when you have a mentally draining 9 to 5,
with rent and bills to pay,
you gotta work harder to find another way in the door.
so when you have the talent(s)

How do you get the career?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Ask Me My Talent”

  1. I can so relate to this! I have so many dreams and goals I want to achieve but I can so lazy by not working toward them. I will be starting college in the fall and I am excited to start to go after my dreams!

  2. I think it starts with taking one step at a time and moving in the direction of your dream. I want to do music full time, but I have to consider that lifestyle. (i.e. probably no health insurance, little job security, possibility of no steady income…) But when I consider that the worst COULD happen, even with my mundane 9-5, I say to myself, “self, you don’t want to be in THIS PLACE forever! Get it together…quickly!” I think you have to know what you want to accomplish, pray for the passion to push, and ask God for the strength to endure. Start getting ready J, because your time is coming soon!!!

  3. How many people are actually working in the field they majored in when they went to college, that’s if they even attended college?

    I know very few adults working their ideal jobs unless it was something very specific they had to invest in like nursing, law school, or doctor, or engineer. Everyone else seems…very flexible.

    At times I think adulthood is the proverbial death of dreams. Life gets in the way. Student loans, kids, or just trying to make a decent living can consume your whole life.

    Although some people do put the time in and sacrifice, sometimes I think its just pure luck!

    The whole idea of higher education seems so twisted to me now that I’m finished. At 17 years old you’re supposed to decide what you what you want to do for the rest of your life and invest time and TONS of money into it. Then when you get out their, you realize college was more of a sheltering experience than anything else and you’re not only competing with other college grads, but also the people that never went to college but have the experience and employers typically prefer them because they can pay them less and they know they’re more likely to stay at that job.

    It’s just crazy out here. Lol

  4. Hindsight being 20/20 I really wish I knew 10 years ago what I know now after college and working in the real world. The way I navigated my life would have so much easier. The truth is if you don’t come from a background of privilege or good networks you really don’t have a blueprint on how to get the career you want. Instead you spend years grinding, sacrificing, working your ass off, and taking risks for a goal that was probably out of reach to begin with.

    1. So true. I wish I could go back and reconstruct my life during college, so I now I wouldn’t be in limbo about what to do now that I graduated. Granted I’m working in my field and enjoying it, it’s not what I truly want to do. Transitioning into adulthood is very complicated.

  5. This post is exactly what I’ve been think lately. I have so many dreams and I feel like I wasted so much time. I’m not getting any younger and my 9 to 5 (well really 5 to 1:30) ain’t going nowhere. School has been getting on my nerves as of late and the wolf I talk too is having me question things about myself. It’s just been stress city so my dreams at this point seem unreachable.

  6. Without resources plans are just dreams. And plans don’t work unless you do. So plan your work and work your plan.

  7. I have dreams, and I hope I can reach them. I know it will be tough, but I’m gonna stick it through.

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