i’m an ungrateful fox.

not a positive way to kick start this entry talmbout i’m ungrateful,
but i had to be a little honest
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Ask Me My Talent

tumblr_mwidaa31Ho1s9ox3qo4_500why does going after your dreams feel so…
it makes you feel kinda insecure?
almost like you want to give up?
like why does that happen?
why is it when we are confronted with what we want,
or something we thought we knew we wanted,
(until we got all the logistics)
that we buckle?
it can feel like throwing it in the air,
running far away,
and never coming back.
our careers look easy in our minds,
but we have no idea the hard work that goes into it.
acting is hard work.
modelling is hard work.
rapping is hard work.
writing is hard work.
fashion is hard work.
blogging is hard work.
college is hard work.
careers are hard work.
everything requires some kind of sacrifice.
so i had to ask…

You thought it was gonna be easy, huh?
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Andrew Caldwell Still Desires Wolf Meat

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 6.15.55 PMwell serve me “confused”.
andrew caldwell said in a recent interview he still desires wolves.
 i mean this is what he said to “rolling out”
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