“He Had My Legs Up In The Air Like He Was Changing My Pamper”

flat,800x800,075,ti tell you…
i had a long day,
but i could count on the foxhole to cheer me up.
thank you so much.
so an f-bi sent me this video and i am in tears.
its about a vixen talking about the best sex she ever had

adam-levineshit i could do with some sex like that right about.
i ain’t trying to get turned out too heavy tho.
i can’t be having some wolf thinkin’ he got it like that.
uh huh.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on ““He Had My Legs Up In The Air Like He Was Changing My Pamper””

  1. That was good as shyt. Had me all caught up like I’m in the room. I have never experienced anything like that but maybe one day…

  2. This started out as a normal shitty day, but oh how my SOUL has been blessed after seeing this, she is my new Hero, right along side Auntie Fee cooking show on Youtube, you just have to hold on sometimes because your blessing may just be around the corner. Tho my bank account may be on fumes, my boyfriend went back home to his wife, my friends stole a pack of porkchops out the freezer, my day is still good after being blessed by this Ratchet tale of good pipe. I believe a new star is born. Finally some good news.

  3. For her every other word was Nigger and every third word was bitch. She’s low class and the idiotic blonde hair confirms it.

  4. NOARCL…DWRCL…..I am sorry, I was on the floor….i want to meet that man……damn….so damn funny…

  5. I’ve heard about her from my friends at work but never got a chance to see her stuff. Boy do I feel like I’ve been missing out she is funny as hell.

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