Where Have All The Men Gone?

tumblr_np16ozpoRd1uuti1ao1_500…well apparently.
an f-bi sent me this video and it shocked the hell outta me.
i didn’t know jackals were so bold with their domestic violence nowadays.
so check it.
vixen gets caught by her “man” at club down in houston.
this is how he responds
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“He Had My Legs Up In The Air Like He Was Changing My Pamper”

flat,800x800,075,ti tell you…
i had a long day,
but i could count on the foxhole to cheer me up.
thank you so much.
so an f-bi sent me this video and i am in tears.
its about a vixen talking about the best sex she ever had
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We Gonna Have Sex In A Video Game Soon Enuff!

tumblr_mqvom0iNVh1qdqlkxo1_1280as you know,
video games are moving in a whole new direction.
i predict we gonna be able to go inside the tv soon.
well this man nearly had a heart attack playing this one video game because it was “too real”.
wshh titled this one:
“virtual reality gaming oculus rift almost scares this man to death”

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f0XXX: Adrien Broner Has Some Peen and Sex Leakage

Broner_Hoganphotos3well we haven’t had one of these in a long time.
adrien broner sex tape has leaked on worldstar.
in the 54 second clip,
he is having a raw 3 with 2 sexy “dtf” vixens.
one had her mouth full with…
well you know what?

x go here to watch video

nsfw and 18^.

lowkey: one would think he’d be beatin up the puss something terrible.
maybe that’s in the un-filmed version?



i don’t know how these straight wolves do it.
i just don’t.
i saw this video of this wolf’s wife throwing a bitch fit in the car.
when i say i was waiting for the slap?…

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Don’t Call It A Cumback

tumblr_mloi2tdqs51s4f9qeo1_500o cakes is going to sell this new album.
he gon’ turn into a thug to do it too.
he’s in the studio with his new team,
maybach music,
cuttin’ up some of these hits.
he has started a new vlog aptly called:

maybach o series

working out.
filled with high profile guests.
is o cakes about to become a problem?
yes there are some cake shots wolves…

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