i don’t know how these straight wolves do it.
i just don’t.
i saw this video of this wolf’s wife throwing a bitch fit in the car.
when i say i was waiting for the slap?…

leg all up on the window and shit.
i bet they went to the lake too.


that vixen needed her car door open and rolled the fuck out.
if i ever act like that with a wolf,
i wouldn’t be surprised if he left my ass.
some wolves like that tho.
i don’t know why exactly,
but i been around straight wolves whose girlfriends were whiny.
not as bad as this one in the video…
they stayed with them for whatever reason.
#teamnaganigga ?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “NOOOO!!!! STOPPPPP!!!! PLEASEEEE!!!!!! BABY STOP!!!!!!”

  1. My cousin fiance tried that one time and he choked her out right in front of me. Never did it again.

  2. When I was fckin with females, my ex would always nag me. Putting her fingers in my face and calling me names. I punched the fck out her ass that she literally flew out her shoes. I regret it but these females stay trying it.

  3. I would have pulled over and she would have gotten out ASAP! I couldn’t even make it through 2 minutes. Eff that!
    I have a very low tolerance for whiny people.

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