The Gays Aren’t Welcomed In Hollywood or Nah?

tumblr_m3xjiqq7ke1rsq4xlo1_500you see that vast land of talent and opportunity in ^that picture?
well apparently its only for the straights.
it seems hollywood,
of all places,
is judgmental.
according to this study that one of my f-bi sent me,
it seems hollywood is not so nice to the gays...

A survey of 5,700 SAG-AFTRA members has found that more than half of lesbian, gay and bisexual performers “have heard directors and producers make anti-gay comments about actors” and that “53% of LGBT respondents believed that directors and producers are biased against LGBT performers.” The study (read it here), conducted by UCLA’s LGBT think tank Williams Institute and funded by the SAG-Producers Industry Advancement and Cooperative Fund, will be  presented formally tonight during simultaneous guild town hall meetings in L.A. and NYC.

The study also found that more than a third of respondents reported that they had witnessed “disrespectful treatment” to LGBT performers on the set. Almost one in eight of non-LGBT performers reported witnessing discrimination against LGBT performers, including anti-gay comments by crew, directors and producers.


  “I’ve seen gay men read for straight roles and when they left the room, the casting director indicated that they would not be taken seriously in the straight role because they were gay.”


·         “A director told me to recast a role after he found out the lead was a gay male.”


·         “An openly gay extra was fired because the lead character felt uncom­fortable having him around. In fact, two were fired a week apart for the same reason.”


·         “I’ve witnessed actors discarded fol­lowing an audition as being ‘wrong’ for a role because of perceived sexual image. As in ‘he’s too fey to play it,’ or ‘she’s too butch to play it.’”


·         “A friend almost cast a transgender actress and then found out and reconsid­ered because there would be a kiss with an actor and he did not know how the actor would feel.”


·         “People referred to the [transgen­der] performer as a ‘tranny’ and made references to using prostitution to pay for the procedures, all behind the per­former’s back.”


·         “Female actress making a disgusted face and saying ‘he’s so gay’ towards a cast member. A general feeling of ‘I can’t talk too much to this guy’ from a TV crew towards an actor. All this needs to stop.”


·         “A transgender person …[was] told not to use the changing room to change in, but given no alternative except the bathroom to change in. Most people from background to crew members treated them like an outcast.”


·         “I was told by my agent that the casting director was afraid that I would come off as uncomfortable when put into a scene in the actual production with a female love interest. I wasn’t even given the opportunity to read opposite an actress at the callback for the part.”


·         “I was cast in a commercial – although I have no proof, I believe that after I was overheard talking about marriage equality that the producers decided to fire me….I was pulled aside and told that they had made a mistake hiring me – that they had meant to hire someone else. I later heard from other actors that they were scrambling trying to find an­other actor to come to set to replace me.”


·        “Director/writer fired me four weeks into rehearsal stating I wasn’t ‘masculine’ enough for the role as he’d conceived it, tho[ugh] this note had not been stated before. And this was shortly after I had come out (not come on) to him.


The survey found that “while 53% of lesbian and gay actors were out to all or most of their fellow actors, only 36% are out to all or most agents they know, and only 13% of actors are out to all or most industry executives.” The survey also found that “bisexual men are the least likely to be out professionally among all LGB people, but these findings suggest that they still experience discrimination despite their attempts to keep their sexual orientation hidden.”

3268…i guess this survey only counts for the outs?
i guess they accept child molesters better.

noneofjamaribusinesstholowkey: i will say…
this is why i believe many people stay so closeted in hollywood.
i never judged.
unless you were disrespectfully homophobic while being in the closet.
thats grounds for being destroyed.

article found: deadline

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “The Gays Aren’t Welcomed In Hollywood or Nah?”

  1. Not really surprised. We all know how people in Hollywood are, but what they do when the doors are closed is a different story.

  2. Them coke fiends have some nerve. From the shit I heard, like how some actresses got certain roles in big-time movies they were way under-qualified for, them coke fiends got some damn nerve. They need to focus on making something original for once, instead of all these remakes, reboots, and nostalgia franchise grabs.

  3. It is sad that people still have so much hatred. Just look at the number of black actors compared to whites it the same across the board. Think what is done in the dark comes to the light always!!

  4. This is so foul and explains the reason so many folk “in the life” stay deep in the closet. And, it’s not limited to Hollywood. We may have made progress on many fronts, but we still have a long way to go. My thinking is that a lot of the actors not being cast are clockable, because the vast majority of us are unclockable to straights and even to fellow gays. The irony to all this is that some of the biggest stars are “family.”

  5. oh please stop of coarse a straight man should be played by a straight man he didn’t get the role because he sucked it the reading for the role not because his gay this is so full of bullshit Hollywood is and was always the safe haven for openly gay men since movies where made in Hollywood hairdresser costume designers writers etc if you got the talent you make mucho dinero if the discrimination was so obvious they should file a lawsuit they are just they should have protested mel brooks blazing saddles the word faggot is in the movie faggots are a bundle of sticks in Webster cry babies they just don’t the talent to get the roles

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