John Legend Gets Naked

tumblr_mrsym7gVCZ1qj3uuto1_500i am a fan of john legend,
his music,
and his legend-ary duncan hind.
well he shows us a day in his life compliments of funny or die.
lets just say he lets us all in…

IMG_0767well hey john.
how are you?
when did he start lookin’ so… yummy?
did i miss that download update?
well his album “love in the future” hits sept. 3rd.

source: funny or die

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “John Legend Gets Naked

  1. John will be on the David Letterman show tonight.OT Raz B coma story was a hoax CNN comfirned with his manager

  2. john legend…OMG just give me 40 minutes with him, BUT bis younger brother Vaughn is WAYYY sexier then him if you dont believe me google him

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