Omarosa Stars As “Crocodile Tears DunDee”

ya know,
i’d like to think i’m good at pr.
i can tell an anyone what to wear,
how to look,
what to say,
and anything that will help them get to another level.
i can literally smell a scheme too.
that being fonted,
omarosa isn’t fooling me one bit.

they released a clip of her on “celebrity big brother”.
a vix-bi showed me that she brought the tears via “the daily beast”

In a new clip released ahead of the show’s second episode, the former Apprentice contestant and ousted White House staffer tearfully opens up to E! correspondent Ross Mathews about the state of the Trump administration, revealing a picture that sounds a lot like what Michael Wolff describes in Fire and Fury.

“I felt like it was a call to duty,” Manigault says, whispering for some reason despite the plethora of microphones and cameras. “I felt like I was serving my country, not serving him.”

 “Like, I was haunted by tweets every single day,” she adds, dramatically. “Like, what is going to tweet next?” Positioning herself as a defender of decency, Manigault says she tried to be the person who would question the president, but everyone around him started “attacking” her instead. She seems to express a degree of jealousy that Trump’s daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner were able to get closer to the president than she was.

Last fall, The Daily Beast reported that Manigault was “patient zero” in Chief of Staff John Kelly’s attempts to limit unfettered access to Trump. One White House official said Kelly was “thrilled that he has been able to stop staffers including Omarosa from bolting into the Oval Office and triggering the president with White House [palace] intrigue stories.”

“It’s not my circus, not my monkeys,” Manigault says. “I’d like to say not my problem, but I can’t say that because, it’s bad.”

When Mathews asks, “Should we be worried?” Manigault nods emphatically. When he says he wants her to tell him it’s going to be OK, she says, “No, it’s going to not be OK. It’s not.” She looks down as she adds, “It’s so bad.”

in my head,
she is sooooooo full of shit.
in my head,
this is nothing but a “make me look like the victim”.
ross matthews is a correspondent for e news!
he is technically a “reporter”.
when you want news spread,
you confide in the biggest mouth in the room.
when you want sympathy,
you talk to the person who will stroke your ego.

she is also on camera with these tears.
nothing about this she-hyena is genuine to me.

the fact she ran to this show was pretty telling too.
too bad she is pretty much banished tho.
she made her bed and now she must lie.
ya’ll can stroke her back if ya’ll want.
i prefer to see a paw on that neck at all times.


article cc: the daily beast

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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  1. i think Omarosa will be more than fine though. People (black, white and everything in between) will tune in and follow her just so they can cuss her out. She makes for good television. It is unfortunate that folks dont realise the best way to drown out the mess is to not give it any kind of attention whatsoever, good or bad.

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