When “Shooting Your Shot” Goes Out of Bounds

is that still “a thing” nowadays?
you can’t always shoot your shot at every male.
you’ve gotten that triple double in the past with a dl,
but not every male is gay or bi in these forests.
life can come at you real fast if you miss.
i saw the following on my tumblr and i had to show the foxhole.
someone thought their weed wolf got down and well…

and this is why he decided to shoot his shot:


if any male is interested in you,
he will let you know.
it might be aggressive or subtle,
but you’ll know by his movement.
it looks like the weed man wanted him as a customer.
i’m sure it was easy to confuse that as special treatment,
but it appears it was strictly business.
sometimes i get extra fries with my meal,
but it don’t mean the fry cook wants to fuck my brains out.
in business,
some straight wolves will even flirt with you to get your money.
if they know you’re desperate,
they know exactly how to squeeze some coins out of you.


that is beyond thirsty.
until the shot actually lands in the net,
and he admits he wants you back,
then you can do the nude exchange.
until then,
keep on his radar and treat him as a potential option.
shooting random shots is like…
no time left on the clock and you’re half court.

we not always gonna be like “steph curry”.

lowkey: i talk about a lot of wolves on the foxhole,
but i’ll be damned if i send them anything before confirmation.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “When “Shooting Your Shot” Goes Out of Bounds”

  1. See people really need to understand that’s not cool to just drop your nudes unless it was expected or asked of you. Like if I’m shooting my shot im asking questions getting to the meat of the situation.

    Also it does feel more like he wants to secure a customer the business is always about that comradere & connections.

    Also also never fuck anybody that’s selling you product that’s legit a stupid move. If I’m buying from you and I enjoy your products and it becomes sexual that’s a quick way to change anything.

  2. Jamari, I’m going through the same mess right now. There’s an openly gay wolf in my class (Frat type, but you would never guess he’s gay if he never told you) and I think I want him bad. I’m trying to ask him out, but I don’t know how to approach him. What should I do and how do I know he’s into me too? We never spoke, but he’s lowkey been sitting in my seat as of lately. Should I email him telling him I wanna hang out?

    1. ^does he speak to you?
      have you spoken to him?
      i would say spark up conversation about something in the class.
      i like to play the “fox in distress” card.
      after i get an “in”,
      and we’re cool,
      say i need help and if we can study together.
      always try to relate it back to whatever experience you’re both having.

      1. No, we haven’t spoken yet. He does glance at me and looks away when I catch him, though. I’ll take your advice. Thanks so much.

    2. If you decide to make a move, do not include anything sexual and leave looks out of the equation. Pay him compliments and tell him good characteristics about himself that you admire.

  3. People still fuck weed dealers??? Full on Judgment here: he should be more embarrassed that he’s trying to get down with a weed dealer. Along with boundaries I guess Standards don’t exist anymore either. Then again he sent a nude as flirting so water reaches it’s own level in this case…

    1. Ah that brings bck memories, i use to have this bomb pair of Pelle jeans bck in 2004 as a freshman, u couldn’t tell me i wasn’t fly wit them over sized shits bck then! 😂

  4. I think this was fake, but it was so funny. However, this happens way too often and people do not know boundaries. You can really get hurt this way if it goes really wrong.

  5. Wow man. I hope the follow up to this entry does not include news footage because someone lost their life. Damn man. That shit is crazy tho. Are nudes the new greetings? Or the new pick up lines? What’s wrong with using your words? Most dudes, if they are digging you, will definitely let you know. There will be no ambiguity. You will know that they like you and if there is still confusion a quick, “Wassup with you?” or a “What’s going on right now?” during a time of awkardness, will at least give the person an opportunity to tell you wassup. A nude tho bro? I stopped sending nudes in my early 20’s because most of the time the other persons shit ain’t match the pic. Dude should definitely take this as a lesson learned. Be safe tho.

  6. First of all, dude was dumb a/f for makin an “ASS” of himself with unfounded assumptions…he gave u his number and gave u a lot?…really dude?…um, yeah, he’s a hustler and trying get yo dumb ass to fuck (figuratively) with him, FOOL!

    But hol’up…let’s jus say weed dude was feelin him, but prolly one of those closeted types…well um, do u think he’d want to have all that exposed n documented IN TEXTS which can be SAVED n SCREENSHOTTED n SHARED or BACKED UP TO SOME DAMN CLOUD?…of course the nicca is gonna say what he said back to your dumb ass and go HAM while he’s at it…he could be thinkin your dumb ass sittin there with your best friend kee-keein’ it up and wanna see on some dare shit if you can get some response or some shit…smdh. ..how bout tryina shoot your shot OFF LINE/TEXT and next time see if he wants to put one up for a min next time you/he rolls thru, and shoot the shit one on one and in private, and somewhere he’d feel comfortable?….but at this point, you fucked up any potential of all’a that.

  7. Males, who want you, aren’t always aggressive or subtle. Everyone, ask yourself, are you always aggressive or “subtle” with who you like?

  8. It’s too bad these dudes nowadays don’t know how to start a conversation, or even too afraid approach anyone. Its easier than you think guys.

    1. AGREED. I believe that a lot of these young men are believing what they see on these social networks. You will see tons of clips on Tumblr, myvidster and twitter following this script. “Hooking up with my weed man”, “Weed man said to be ready when he come throguh” , “When your weedman ask you what that mouth do”. These sex clips could be with their boyfriend but these clips titles can fool you into believing anything if you are unaware.

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