When “Shooting Your Shot” Goes Out of Bounds

is that still “a thing” nowadays?
you can’t always shoot your shot at every male.
you’ve gotten that triple double in the past with a dl,
but not every male is gay or bi in these forests.
life can come at you real fast if you miss.
i saw the following on my tumblr and i had to show the foxhole.
someone thought their weed wolf got down and well…
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BACKINTHEHABITi’m so glad to be back!
i hate loathe despise cannot stand not being in the foxhole.
“life be so boring and shit”.
i saw so many things i wanted to talk about,
wolves i wanted to post,
and just to smile at the comments.
i know one thing…
if apple didn’t have my laptop ready by yesterday morning,
they were getting a nasty nice phone call.
while i was on pause mode,
i got this foxmail i wanted to share with everyone.
it comes from a lurker named carribean boy and it goes….

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One Man’s Trash Can Make The Whole Block Smell Good

you know sally had a saying when life makes you deal with mean and hateful people think of them as sand paper. they may scratch you they may rub you in the wrong way, but eventually you will polished and smooth and the sandpaper… well, it will be worn and ugly. (Beyonce, The Fighting Temptations)

It hurts when you are treated like trash, don’t it?

Have you ever done good for someone (or people),
and it goes UN-acknowledged and UN-appropriated?
That seems to have been my experiences of “When Proving Myself Goes Wrong“…
But, you learn to not over-extend yourself to people who you know won’t give a fuck.
That is what happened when I went back to my old job Friday….
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