BACKINTHEHABITi’m so glad to be back!
i hate loathe despise cannot stand not being in the foxhole.
“life be so boring and shit”.
i saw so many things i wanted to talk about,
wolves i wanted to post,
and just to smile at the comments.
i know one thing…
if apple didn’t have my laptop ready by yesterday morning,
they were getting a nasty nice phone call.
while i was on pause mode,
i got this foxmail i wanted to share with everyone.
it comes from a lurker named carribean boy and it goes….

Dear Jamari,

When you do not post, I feel like a critical part of my day is missing. I feel as though the world is slightly off balance. I feel like there is something happening in the world that I should know about, that I might find amusing or sexy, that I’m missing. When you do not post, I wonder how your job hunt is coming, whether or not the Baller Wolf of your dreams has snapped you up and took you away from your beloved followers.

What you don’t know is that you saw me through my first break up, and my coming into my own. I’m a Caribbean boy, so I don’t have the luxury of being out, but thanks to you and your crazy, fun, educated, raunchy group of followers, I’ve come into my own. I don’t know why you’ve gone missing but I pray all is well with you.

Much love,
Caribbean Boy.

tumblr_majfg69BV01rus8c2awwww carri boy!
thank you so much for the love and the kind words!!!
reading that was mind blowing.
i didn’t even know i did that to people.
that f0xmail blew my mind i won’t even lie.
when i can’t blog,
i honestly feel depressed with a side of hot stagnant.
even though i had a lot of stuff to do for this job,
i missed not being able to write.
sure i updated twitter,
but its not the same not being behind the wheel of my laptop.
i may need to invest in a PC for these kind of situations.
of course i have a few updates today.
i don’t care how long it was.
anyway stay tuned!

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10 thoughts on “f0xmail: WHERE THE HELL YOU BE JAMARI?”

  1. That foxmail was deep, almost made me shed a tear lol. I feel the exact same way too when you don’t post.

    Glad you are back!

  2. Yeah this blog is the truth! I so glad that Trey Songs lil bro brought me here. But when I’m going to see what Jamari look like?!

  3. I was getting tired of seeing that washed up skank’s surgery face and her chipmunk cheek boyfriend smiling about year long marriage to each other.

  4. I was about to put out an APB if you weren’t back by next week. Besides the entertainment sites, this is my daily read.

  5. I check this blog everyday….When I kept seeing that same damn post everytime I refreshed my page I started to get worried.

    Then I got happy…(Cuz I assumed you found an amazing job, and couldn’t post)

    Glad you’re back. When you do get that amazing job, don’t leave us hanging. lol

  6. Damn I thought it was just me, my worrying mind began to wonder and was hoping everything was ok, didnt know about computer issues. You dont realize how much something means to you and that you come to depend on it everyday without giving it much thought until its not there. Welcome back Bro.

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