They Be Cummin’ Hard For The Chocolate Baller Wolf, Dez Bryant

they really coming hard for my dark chocolate baller wolf,
dez bryant.
he fell right into the trap too.
oh dez…
so dez doesn’t want to get involved in the national anthem protests.
jon machota,
who covers the dallas cowboys news,
posted this about dez on his twitter:

well once that was posted,
everyone started going in on dez.
in his hot headed and aggressive fashion,
this is what he replied

he does make sense.
it’s the pre season and he’s focused.
he doesn’t have to speak on it.
maybe he simply doesn’t agree and wants no parts.
colin kaepernick was pretty “the example” as to what happens.
so i was okay with what dez tweeted,
but dez in his ig comments tho…

now this is went all the way left

…off the grand canyon.
you didn’t have to respond on ig,
at all.
calling them “sluts” tho?
that’s a bad look,
especially since you didn’t want no parts in the first place.
i say abort that mission and continue to play ball.
i we don’t want you for your brain and activism.
…and don’t go seeing john at training camp.
we know how you get down.

lowkey: i just know his pipe is serious.
he looks like he will tear your whole shit up.

i’m for that wet dream tonight.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “They Be Cummin’ Hard For The Chocolate Baller Wolf, Dez Bryant”

  1. Did he go after any of the men in his comments or does he only target black women? That definitely says a lot about his character.

    How do you not have an opinion about police murdering unarmed black men, women and children? FOH! I don’t give a fuck about no one says, Colin Kaepernick is more of a man than any of these coward tapping dancing coon ass niggas

  2. This is not an excuse for him. It is no secret Dez is way more talented than Kaepernick. As long as he is in the league, he will always be signed to a team, period. Dez needs to just say he does not care and move on.

  3. If this was a year ago, he would get a pass from me, but given the social climate we find ourselves in, pick a side.

    All I got from this post is that Dez KNOWS the racial climate in football and the NFL and what they are doing to Kapernick and instead of standing alongside Kapernick, he has kids to feed? No one is saying not to feed your kids, but you with the shits? 70% of the NFL players are black and you gonna leave your brother out in the wild like that? If ALL of you stood with him, they not gonna fire all of yall!!! We literally saw white supremacists give up jobs and careers to be apart of this rally that was rooted in evil and bigotry, but Dez won’t lose his platform to stand for something right and good? Fuck you Dez Bryant. You supporting how they treating this man if you’re not denouncing it. There will come a time when your alliegience and your beliefs won’t save you from these racists.

    You think there aren’t any white NFL players that didn’t agree with the Nazi movement in VA? Have you heard any of them denounce if? But if they came out and supported it lowkey, there would still be a place for them.

    1. These pineapples have made more money in one season than most black and brown people will see in multiple generations and it says a lot they can’t be bothered with any of this. It’s literally the same thing as white privilege.

      White Supremacy runs deep when even the richest of black people will keep their head down and their mouth to shut like they’ll be in the poor house if they get fired.

      “I gotta family to feed.” Nah pineapple you just bought into the capitalism values of America and you’re greedy.

  4. Fuck her! When she started mentioning that man’s family business, then use it as ammunition to attack him….all bets are off. He had every right to go in after that. You can’t shame people for not being as vocal as others. I don’t agree with him being silent but I’m not going to bash him all across his social media either. Until he say something dumb or reckless over the matter, I’m not going to get at him.

    1. @Truth…you see it that way, but the team won’t see it that way. That posting showed an angry black man…and didn’t he get in trouble for his volatile nature?! If that gets out in the media, you better believe they’re gonna have his ass posting an apology.
      And he’ll do it….after all, he got a family to feed.

  5. Jamari, Dez Bryant’s excuse for not contributing to the uplift of African Americans is “I got a family to feed”, which indicates concern that if he works for the uplift of African Americans, then he may pay a price in terms of money (endorsements, his position as a quarterback or otherwise). Such fear/concern is common–all too common–among African Americans. I’ve spoken to many African Americans about working together to uplift our people and many have declined because they fear that their company will not like it. Such people have been from minimum wage workers to people in middle management getting from $35,000 to $80,000 a year. Of course, such behavior is shameful and contributes to African Americans be at the bottom of the barrel year after year and decade after decade.

    But, Jamari, what’s your excuse? I just sent you an email to for you to contribute your ideas for the uplift of African Americans. I sent the email before and I hope that you reply as requested. It’s not enough for you to call Dez Bryant to account. You must do your part.

    1. ^dean…

      i do enough with the foxhole.
      anything i feel is a story,
      i write about and give my honest opinion in where i feel most comfortable.

      what are YOU doing?

      1. also i didn’t call dez out to do anything.
        if he doesn’t want to talk about it,
        he doesn’t have to.
        folks need to stop bullying people into taking a stand because they want a leader.
        go out there and do what YOU need to do if it effects you that greatly.
        some don’t want to be the “superhero” for the cause.
        they may feel comfortable being the one who needs to be saved.

        that is okay.

      2. Jamari, No, you do not do “enough” with the foxhole. I think that you cited Dez Bryant above in writing/saying something similar. It’s wrong for him and it’s wrong for you. You are both wrong.

        And it is clear that you have not read my email to you. If you had, you would know what I’m doing and you would know that I’m doing more than my part.

        “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always gotten. One law of nature is adapt or die—adapt or suffer the consequences. One definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.” You and Dez Bryant want to do what you have always done. But don’t expect different results. You won’t find them. And so don’t try to convince me or others that you are “doing your part” because you are not.

      3. Jamari, of course you did call Dez Bryant out for his conduct. That is the whole import/significance of the article, this article. I believe that you are smart enough to know that and I’m not stupid enough to believe otherwise.

  6. AMEN @Fashionandsvedka!!!

    These is strengh in UNITY!!! They can’t fire all black players. This is still happening because many, too many are scared for themselves and their families and don’t see the big picture.

    No sir, not today, you don’t get not to have an opinion, you have to speak, all black players have to speak, at least when they’re asked to.

    Someday it will be you, and you’ll need someone to stand up for you, never forget that. There is no silence, no neutrality in front of injustice.

    “We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. Sometimes we must interfere. When human lives are endangered, when human dignity is in jeopardy, national borders and sensitivities become irrelevant. Wherever men and women are persecuted because of their race, religion, or political views, that place must – at that moment – become the center of the universe.”

    And for someone who cares that much about his image he should know sexism and slut shaming is not a good look at all.

  7. Not everyone is the voice and not everyone can articulate the points. He’s trying to help in the way that he can and knows how. We shouldn’t try to force everyone to speak and some don’t have the words or know enough to speak on it intelligently.

  8. Not everyone has to do the same as Colin, but damn do something besides shying away like none of this affects you.

    That’s why I don’t go up for athletes and we as a people are dumb for putting them on pedestals.

    We support their teams all the way from little league to college and they get on and make millions and think they’re Caucasian by proximity.

    If we put half as much energy in educating our youth as we did with sports we’d be in a much better place. FACT!

    I get so tired of these young men replying “An NFL/NBA player” when I ask them what career they are interested in.

    But keep on buying their shoes and expensive tickets. They’re just another extension of white supremacy. Owners recruiting black boys to entertain them.

    1. The planets must be aligned or something because i can’t believe i actually agree with you, Education is the key, but black people and other minorities most of them coming from poverty just want big money so they look at ballers and they see an el dorado. In the US is all about NBA NFL in africa is all about football (soccer). And it’s really sad and upsetting

      “Not everyone has to do the same as Colin, but damn do something besides shying away like none of this affects you.

      That’s why I don’t go up for athletes and we as a people are dumb for putting them on pedestals.”

      I don’t think people are putting them on pedestals, but the truth is they have a huge plateform so it can help that’s why people want them to speak, because they can actually touch millions of people. Now all of them don’t have to do what colin did, but when they’re asked they should at least say something meaningful, not “i’ve a family”.

      1. Sadly, people do put them on pedestals. They live vicariously through these athletes, and these athletes don’t give two squats about them. SOME athletes are vocal, others are not. I find that within MLB and the NFL, you really don’t hear much from their players when shit goes down.
        Now the NBA…those players will speak their minds!

  9. To all you black folk proud to watch NFL this season for whatever TF reason:
    Muhammad Ali would be ashamed of you. That man went to jail and lost his career at the top of his career for what he believed was right.
    When he died y’all hooped and hollered and y’all sorry asses posted memes upon memes about how great he was. Now here’s your turn to demand the same of your current heroes and of yourselves, but you make excuses for them and you. It’s shameful.
    Let them white players start to kneel and show y’all up. Ion wan hear not one word about them either. Aint no one asking you to walk instead of take the bus. No one wants you to get your ass beat at a lunch counter without retaliation. We are asking you not to watch a game. Gone wit your football, leave the work to the adults.
    BTW, a bunch of NFL owners done donated to Trump’s inauguration that (if you haven’t been paying attention you wouldn’t know) has become a freaking slush fund because, well, you saw the inauguration festivities. Do the math.

  10. Jamari Fox, please forgive me for I am going to say this loud and clear so that these “pro black” sjws can understand: FUCK YOUR PROTEST! There I said it! Now for my two cents:

    I am not angry about racism because I have seen the ugly truth about my OWN people that it hurts me! I am so sick and tired of this racist bullshit that I have distanced myself from these emotional crybabies! I give ZERO fucks about these damn liberal pineapples playing sports because they all came from the same environment: the goddamn ghetto! I’ve heard stories about these black athletes who have came from nothing and completely blow their millions on bullshit because they never had it before! Then to see them give back, please, save that for someone who actually cares!

    I know that some black athletes want to help, but they’re hurting us more than helping. I look at this whole thing with black athletes, particularly male athletes, as a popularity contest in which they are the cool kids along with the popular crowd wanting brownie points for saving the world. I’ve seen it numerous of times where older generations would talk about the younger generation in a negative way. And that is because the younger kids are looking at me and the generation x as leaders but we were merely following each other.

    Black people talking about being “woke?” Nah son! You’re still sleep! Have you ever thought about EXACTLY what the endgame is? No? Okay! Continue to destroy everything for the sake of black lives matter! You reap what you sew! When this is over, there will be no heroes, no revolutionaries, no game changers, only survivors. The pro black social justice warrior will die very quickly if a race war were to ensue because they can’t fend for themselves.

    So in conclusion, I say this: NO LIVES MATTER. There were no black lives matter or white lives matter or anything. The police brutality was just a cover-up by the media. We already know that the police is corrupt and the politicians that support them are corrupt as well and they pay the mass media as well as local media to “tell the truth.” That’s why they have PR specialists who do those things. I know because I took a PR class in college as part of my marketing major. I respect police but never say anything disrespectful because I know what they can do. I’m very self aware of it. Therefore, the media are basically spin doctors who wants to destroy the black man as much as they have been doing it for years.

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