The Confederate Flag and The Pride Flag Are The Same Thing

i didn’t say it.
star parker did.
she is the president of the “Urban Renewal and Education”.
she was a guest on a fox news segment called “fox and friends”.
they were talking about trump and everything in charlottesville.
she claims the confederate and pride flag mean the same.
i know.
this is what she had to say via nbc news

“The same people that are demanding that the confederate flag comes down are the same people that are insisting that the rainbow flag goes up. These two flags represent the exact same thing — that certain groups are not welcome here,” Parker told host co-host Steve Doocy in response to a question about House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s criticism of President Trump.

“If Nancy Pelosi wants to say that we’re going to start shutting down First Amendment rights of a certain group of people, then what happens the next time that the homosexuals want to walk through an American city and protest, and counter-protesters come out?”

oh i can feel it now…

what the fuck was she thinking?
how are those two flags even the same?
i have this strange feeling we will have a war within our country.
we may not have to worry about those outside this country,
but we gotta deal with what’s happening around us.
shit is about to implode.

lowkey: is this normal?…

article taken: nbc news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “The Confederate Flag and The Pride Flag Are The Same Thing”

  1. Star is still living on George Bush’s fantasy island. First of all, Im slightly mixed about this one. Both flags represent a particular group. I’m taking that just because you sport a rebel flag doesn’t mean you’re racist and just because you represent a flag associated with gays, doesn’t make you homosexual.

    Now the intent on the groups with these flags. RED-NECK RACIST REBELS are using it to enforce “white power” in this country which I’m still confused about since they basically still it anyways…They are also against other races, homosexuality, Jews, blah blah. The rainbow flag is about equality correct for.same sex people? One appears to be strive for inclusion and the other, segregation…🤔

    What about white racist gays? Do they have a rebel flag in one hand and a rainbow in the other? Well that can’t be…the Triple K society don’t like that.

    Two of my coworkers we’re low-key bickering today’s because of this. One was white and the other was black….and I sat and observed them. The black mentioned he was worried about the future, the white told him this is nothing knew..riots have been going on for years. I tried to change the subject to the people of Seirra Leone. Of course I was promptly ignored and they continued.

    I’m pretty cool with both of them. The white guy was defensive. The black was trying to make a point as well. These days I pay extra close attention to folks…you just never know what folks do behind closed doors. We encountered racists every day, some times we don’t even notice it.

    Funnigly, I was on Pornhub looking at this chocolate wolf bang a chick…like Myvidster, I like to read the comments. I get down and in big letter it’s like Man. I HATE BLACK PEOPLE!

    I was like…lol oh boi… hahahaha.

  2. See i blame all the people who didn’t vote because they were too “woke”. Now you have a president of the USA saying they’re good people in nazi rallies” like WTF?!!! People were like both candidates are bad i don’t care, acting like they’re living on the moon and those elections would affect them. now look!

    But this i why european countries are, let’s not say better, let’s say less bad on those issues because hate speech is not freedom of speech. That nazi racist shit is not allowed at least not in public, nope. You may be free but your freedom shouldn’t be use to make people feel unsafe. And in those countries you don’t celebrate known racist fascist, you’re not even allowed to call you child hitler.

    And that both side mess is just ridiculous, yes both side may have use violence but both sides are not wrong, you can’t be wrong fighting nazi, impossible. It’s like the USA and Al Qaida or ISIS are equally wrong because both use violence and weapons. No, one side is about hatred and the other side is using violence to defend and protect. Stop the false equivalency.

    Anyway i’m disgusted by all this. And minorities have to wake up and realise that if they don’t participate, nothing is going to change. You people have the chance to have an ok electoral system and i’m not only talking about presidential elections, you need to do something. Put your people in position of power, before yall go back to this, where people are not even ashamed of their racism anymore and are marching in the streets, proudly with torches.

    If i tell you the kind of racism i experienced in morocco, It’s not just systemic racism, it’s raw and direct. They spit on you, throw stones, call you azzi (nigger) loud in the streets and peopel laugh, or ebola, harass and rape black women and men, throw you from the 8th floor of buildings. The entire bus laughing at you (even the driver) when a child ask why you’re so dirty because you’re black. Cabs that refuse to take you. Your professors and classmates think and late you know you must be less smart. People asking you if you have enough food or if you live with lions, or if you have clean water in your country like yall are some kind of savages. When you look for appartment they literall tell you they don’t want black people and you can do nothing about that. Asking you if you crossed the desert to come in their country and when you’re polite enough to say “lol non the plane” they’re actually shook you have planes in your country. I remember running for my life a night trying to avoid stones, i remember on time i was in the train with a female friend and we were assaulted by men, i literally had to put her in the corner and lay on her to protect her taking punches and kicks. Those people would literally kill any black person in the streets just because they lost a stupid football match against a black team. And let’s not go to the relation with the police.

    so please do something, don’t let you country go back to dark ages.

    1. Wow Louis Philippe! I hope your not still in Morocco. Aren’t you living in France? I didn’t know it was so bad there, that’s horrible.

      When I hear experiences like that, the “racism doesn’t exist, it’s 2017” argument becomes laughable.

      I agree with your sentiments.

      1. Thx God i left, i couldn’t do that anymore. I hope this is a wake up call for everybody, you cannot allow this to keep going. Change ain’t gonna happen in one day or even one year but it needs to start somewhere. Minorities must have as many seats as they can at that table.

    2. No, you can’t blame those who didn’t vote when there weren’t any good options to choose from. If there were better candidates then Donald Trump would have never won.

      Let be honest here, the Nazis rally would have never happen if people didn’t have this “Fuck All White People” attitude and shame white people for being white. All you’re doing is adding more fuel to the flame. Then calling the Alt-Right Nazis and KKK members. Like honesty what the hell did you expect?

      All I’m going to say is this whole situation is exaggerated. I realized people are protesting, going to rallies, and fighting because they have nothing else better to do. Seriously, just sit and watch them. They’re being extra dramatic because they’re bored.

    3. Did you just go “you’re creating racism by calling out racism” on me? Really? You remind of the white guy in Dear white people with the magazine, and that’s really not a good look.

      The whole situation is exagerated? People died, a crazy nazi ran over people with his car just like ISIS peopel do.

      At the very beginning people in germany, in europe also thought jews were just being over dramatic about nazism, it was a small group, the rest is history.

      Sir please, people prostesting against racism nazism fascism sexism homophobia, you name it, are never the problem. Calling out white privilege is not shaming white people.

      The real problem some white people who can’t accept that things are changing and their whiteness won’t protect them anymore. They are like “before we could said and do whatever we wanted, all the racist shit we wanted now we can’t, too much PC” “before we could celebrate our racist past freely now you want to take down our racist monuments”.

      If you talk like a nazi, walk like a nazi with torch, chant like a nazi, dress like a nazi, flaunt the nazi flag, YOU’ARE A NAZI. The Alt-Right is full off nazi, and the other members who say they are not still stay with them, so they become nazi by association.

      Someone posted this “if 10 people decide to hang out with a known nazi they just become 11 nazi” and i agree!!!

      You don’t instigate racism in someone heart, either they’re racist or they’re not.

      Clinton wasn’t a perfect candidate but she’s better than trump, at least she wasn’t pandering to white nationalism. But what is done is done, just find a way to fix this next election.

      In europian countries those thing don’t happen anymore, at least not like that, no whitelash from white trash. First because free spech doesn’t cover HATE SPEECH, being racism nazism all that is illegal. The french version of trump Marine Lepen can’t never win, not because other candidate have a so much better plan, be just because europeans actually lived through nazism and all that and they’re not ready to go back there. So no matter how mad they they’re no matter how hard they think black people and other minorities are annoying, they keep it to themselves. There is no statue no memorial no street no school, nothing celebrating hitler or mussolini or francisco franco is spain. I’m not saying racism doesn’t exist there because IT DOES!! But at least it’s better than the US because people like MACRON acknowledge what they did wrong to humanity.

  3. Has anybody wondered where Kanye, Mike Tyson, Steve Harvey etc. and all the other black celebs who supported for Trump are? A lot of them seem awfully quiet?


  4. guys, I’m asking your to go and register to vote. This man can not be reelected for another 4 years.

  5. Lets not put the blame of the presidents win at the feet of black and brown people. He won because white women voted for him.
    Here’s hoping those same people got a wake up call when one of their own was tragically killed at the hands of white nationalists in a truck.

    1. It’s better here, but you might as well move to Australia or Europe. US toxicity and racism is slowly spreading here, js.

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