Melissa Francis Uses Her Snow Bunny Tears As A Shield

she looks like she uses her tears effectively.
i bet they hate her at supermarkets and restaurants.

so yesterday we talked about “tears of black trump supporters”,
but we’re gonna talk about “snow bunny tears” today.
those tears can be dangerous af.
either to cry about:

bad service at a public establishment
confrontation at work
“why don’t you love me anymore Ted?!” with the cheating hubby
getting the “big bad black wolf” in trouble

it’s well known that when a snow bunny cries,
someone(s) is rushing to her rescue.
so melissa franics cried today on “outnumbered” on fox news.
she is an actress and journalist.
they were discussing trump’s comments during his news conference,
but melissa got right in her feelings about it.
this is what happened
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The Confederate Flag and The Pride Flag Are The Same Thing

i didn’t say it.
star parker did.
she is the president of the “Urban Renewal and Education”.
she was a guest on a fox news segment called “fox and friends”.
they were talking about trump and everything in charlottesville.
she claims the confederate and pride flag mean the same.
i know.
this is what she had to say via nbc news
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Stacey Dash Gets A Boot Print on Her Tail

bad shit can happen to good or bad folks.
it all depends on what your definition is of what/who is good or bad.
this is why it’s best not to burn bridges when shit is going well.
you never know when you’ll take a tumble off your high horse.
meet the latest to take a well deserved tumble.
stacey dash was let go from fox news via global grind
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Is Stacey Dash “No Black Everything”?

85365cb49abec7a20ac6d430d576c31ci use to think stacey dash was so beautiful.
nowadays i think she is a raging dumbass.
what happened to her?
did she get jumped by some sistas?
did some black wolf do her wrong?
i’m lost with the left turn she made in life.
look at what she said in regards to jada pinkett smith
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